Sunday, August 1, 2010

Back to the state of Beer and Cheese.

Wow, I havent been on the internet in awhile- a week to be exact. The reason, I went on vacation with my friend, heebs and her parents. We drove from Wisconsin to North Carolina. We stayed in Sunset Beach, which was kind of close to Myrtle Beach. This vacation was what I needed to just sit back and get some well deserved R&R. I did manage to work out a bit. We got a pass for the fitness room and worked out 4 of days we were there. They didn't have too much to chose from in there fitness room, so I stuck to my elliptical. I went on it for 50 mins each time at a good incline. After we were done, we would just go lay by the pool until 3 and then head back to the condo to get ready for dinner. It was the good life. Easy to get used to but hard to leave from. The hardest challenge for me on vacation was eating, especially when we went out to dinner. Since we were down south, a lot of foods were fried. I also noticed that I drank a lot of diet coke at dinner. As we got to the end of the trip I tried getting water with my meals. I just really missed cooking my own meals by the end of the trip. It was really hard being out of my routine and comfort zone but I managed to get through.

It's funny, the thing I missed most while on vacation was my blogging friends. I wanted so bad to talk to them and hear their words of wisdom to give me. I have become accustom to talking with these people everyday and then for a week I couldn't. I also noticed that when we would be on the road and stopped at a place to eat, I would get a weird feeling after I was done eating at a restaurant. It was like I felt dirty or something. Back home, I rarely eat out or try to not eat at certain restaurants. Before I lost weight, I would eat out a lot with friends and wouldn't care what I ordered or how much I ate or if I felt full I would still eat. I noticed that if I was full, I stopped eating. That's a big deal for someone who has been reteaching them self to eat for four months. I'll admit, I did make poor decisions some night eating out, I'm not going to cry over it. I know that this week, come monday- I'm going to work hard and get back into my RAWR mode. I got to get back to losing weight instead of just maintaining. Tomorrow, I get back to work, I get back on track, I get back to eating good and start losing weight.

Here are some pics from the trip, enjoy!

Me at the UNC basketball Museum, so cool!

We got to go into Duke's jealous.
Duke's Chapel, we would have gone in but there were weddings going on.
What's up Sunset Beach! Getting out tan on.

Virginia Tech's mascot...the hoakie- Don't know his name but we look pretty B.A.

Woke up the last morning to leave and watched a beautiful sunset rise. Good way to end vacation.

If you had to chose one which would you chose... UNC or Duke?

Me- UNC all the way! (That's right Eric, UNC ;) )


  1. unc sucksss hahaha btw this is eric!

  2. oh eric, will you never come over to the good side. haha.

  3. neverrrrr! and we r national champss..sooo we r the good side! haha

  4. Miss Molly I missed you while you were gone! I don't know anything about either so I'm going Duke so we can go gangsta on each other!

    I'm not worried even for a second about you getting you're groove on starting Monday. You are a serious force to be reckoned with. Need a little help just find some random stranger and scream "WHAT WOULD OPTIMUS DO?" and then chest bump the fuck out of them.

    Oooooh I might try it myself!

  5. Tara, That post may be the best one I have ever read. Thank you for being such a great friend, you are awesome <3

  6. MOLLY -

    Great read about your vacay...sometimes you just need to stop and eat the food! Don't stress about it...and if you had a great meal while on vacation...don't think of it as a "bad decision" - think of it as "living a little" or "enjoying life." The commitment you've made to improving your quality of life will carry you well past a meal filled with "naughty no-no's." And you worked out on your trip, which is more than what 90% of vacationing American's do on theirs.

    Your strength is the commitment you've made to changing your life and your control over it. The biggest challenge is the response to a bad meal...and I'm guessing you've already taken on the responsibility of getting back to your base.

    You're doing fantastic and keep up the awesome work -


  7. Aaron, thanks for taking the time to write an awesome response like that! That truly makes me feel 100% better :)