Friday, September 28, 2012

The "Secret" to Losing Weight.

Do you want to know how I lost 100 pounds?  Do you want to know how I changed my life?  Do you want to know the best way to lose weight?  The best way to lose weight isn't by following The Paleo Diet, Southbeach, or P90X.  Weight loss isn't achieved by counting carbs or following a  high-protein diet.  It's not even accomplished by counting calories is something I highly support and recommend.

No, it's by choosing the most sustainable and realistic way for YOU to lose weight -- nobody else.  

Want to eat one meal a day instead of six smaller portions?  Do it if it works for you.  Like spending 3 hours in the gym?  Whatever, I prefer about 30-45 minutes -- but you do what you want.  Love carbs?  Eat a lot of them, but count your calories.  I'll do the same -- while eating whatever I want in the process.

The best way to lose weight , and keep it off, is to think of weight loss like it'll last for the rest of your life.  You hear the phrase "lifestyle changes?"  That's exactly what you need to make.  If you don't think you can spend 3 hours a day in the gym for the next 10 years, nor do you think you can eat very few carbs for the next 10 years, then you shouldn't consider those methods when trying to lose weight.

Want to know how to lose weight?  Do what I did.  Do something you can stick to for life.

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