Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, April 23, 2012

FMM: Q & A

FMM: Q & A

1. Share one thing that has changed about you since you began blogging.  I would say that I have become a better writer which helps me out in my classes for Criminal Justice. 
2. If you were forced to give up chocolate or potato chips for an entire year which one would you choose to live without? I would give up potato chips, I LOVE dark chocolate too much.
3. What’s more attractive?  A man in a suit, or a man in uniform?  Suit. Especially with a skinny tie <3
4. If you could be a guest star on a reality show which one would it be? The Soup.
5. What is the last meal that you prepared for yourself?  I made Spaghetti last night.
6. Is your hair colored, or is it natural?  It's been colored numerous times but right now its natural.
7. If you could leave town today and go anywhere, where would you go?  Boston to be with my best friend. I miss her.
8. Do you prefer to exercise at the gym, at home or outside?  I like all three but right now I like getting out of my house to get away from my rents. So definitely the gym.
9. Have you ever asked someone out on a date?  My girlfriends... so sad. I need a boy toy.
10. How many cups of coffee do you drink on an average day? 1-2 Cups a day. 
11. Do you pack lightly, or do you over pack?  Over pack. I feel like I need to bring my whole closet for a 2 day trip.
12. What color are your nails now? Nothing now but I am about to color them an electric neon green.
13. If you could have lunch with one notable (living) person who inspires you who would it be?  Melissa McCarthy. I LOVE HER.
14. Who is your favorite professional athlete? That's hard to chose. I would say the whole Green Bay Packers team and Blake Griffin.
15. Gum or mints?  Gum when I am working out or playing bball. Mints after I eat a meal.
16. Have you ever eaten crawfish? Negative.
17. List one or more human characteristics that are a complete turn-off.  Smoking cigarettes, the way some people talk, and being rude.
18.  What is your favorite season?  Sweet summer time. Its so close! And I get such a great tan.
19. Do you prefer to shake hands or hug?  I like hugging my really good friends/family. I hate shaking peoples hands when I am in church.
20. Can you quote lines from Saved by the Bell from memory?  If so, what’s your favorite?  "Zaaaaaaaaaaaccchhhhhhhhhh!" -Mr. Belding

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

This is My Thought for Today.

My cousin posted this on my facebook today. I really needed this as a pick me up. I weighed-in this morning and I didn't lose or gain weight. I stayed the same, at 186. I am not happy or sad. I was really hoping to see the number go down. This is not the first time this has happened to me, it's one of the mental struggles with weight loss. 

I am eating better than I have before in my life. I exercise 5-6 days a week. I run on the treadmill more than I ever thought I would. 

The scale show progress in one form. There are also other forms, smaller clothes, pictures, general health, etc.

So, I am going to just keep on moving. I gave myself about 10 minutes to be angry/pout/cuss at the scale. 

Oh, by the way- I am down another loop hole on my belt. Take that scale.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Guest Post!

Hi, my name is Nanci! Thank you Molly for letting me do a guest post on your blog! I thought it would be fun to share some facts about myself…
I just turned 40 this year (booo!).
I have a daily struggle with food and trying to lose weight.
I *LOVE* food, hence the daily struggle.
I first joined Weight Watchers in 2006 and lost 30 pounds, making lifetime.
Since 2006, I’ve gained all that weight back and then some after several rough years. Miscarriage, infertility, bad economy for our small business, and losing my dad… All of these pushed me over the edge with my emotional eating.
Since 2006, I’ve been back to Weight Watchers multiple times, most recently this past January. It does not get any easier. The good weeks make it seem like a piece of cake (no pun intended), but the weeks I gain it can literally send me reeling.
The first time I joined a gym was in high school and I have belonged to many over the years. Last year I decided my gym-going days were most likely over, that it was no longer something I enjoyed (nor could afford).
I could walk for hours on end. In March of 2011, I walked 100 miles. I started running briefly in 2006. I started running again last year and have really found a love for it. I’m not a pretty runner and it’s not at all easy for me, but it’s something I really enjoy. I ran my first half-marathon this past February, the Rock ‘n Rock Half Marathon, and was thrilled with my time of 3:11:33. My next half-marathon will be in November and I can’t wait.
Other than running and walking, I enjoy TaeBo and Zumba, both of which I need to make time for.
It is my goal to run at least 3 days a week. Some weeks this is easy, other weeks it is next to impossible.
I love beer, wine, and Starbucks.  Seventeen days ago, I quit Starbucks cold turkey. I was addicted to it, I was having it way too much, and it’s TOO expensive. This past Saturday I had my first one in what will now just be a Saturday morning treat. I will be just fine enjoying it once a week.
I love to cook which is completely amusing because I used to be terrified of it. I like to try new things and be creative. You should check out my tilapia recipe on my blog. Really, it’s to die for.
I started my blog in February 2011. It’s appropriately titled This Crazy Life of Mine. I talk about my weight loss struggles, running, hubby, our dogs, and anything else I care to go on and on about that is happening in my crazy life. I would love for you stop by, say hi, and check it out!  

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Workout Music.

A couple of days ago I noticed that my workouts had been getting kind of boring. I've been listening to the same songs over and over for a couple of weeks and needed some new, fresh tunes. I believe that your workout playlist can give you a kickass workout out. Something about a certain song, with a unique beat that you can just get lost in it. I'm not sure if they have done any studies about workout music and how it relates to your workout but from yesterday's workout, I know that the perfect playlist can make all the difference.

I headed over to Spotify and listened to a couple new songs. I really like rap/hip hop music when I workout. I like to have songs with good beats to them that make me want to really get my heart rate up. Fun fact, I also have a good portion of Daddy Yankee songs because there is just something about Latino music that I love. No I am not Latino, but sometimes in the summer people ask me if I am Puerto Rican because I tan THAT well.

So yesterday, I was on the elliptical for a good 45 minutes. After I was done, I headed on to a treadmill for my usual one mile run. When I was on the treadmill I started on 5.6 mph at 2.5 incline. After about two minutes I realized it was too slow and increased the speed to 5.8 mph. I stayed on this for the first mile and I literally got lost in my music. Have you ever done that? Literally forget you're running on a treadmill and zone out and then realize you're running at a fast pace for 10 minutes? I did. At this point I was high. No, not smoking the ganja high, I had a runner's high. I was literally enjoying this run. The music was complementing this high so much that I didn't want to stop running.

So, what did I do? 

I increased the speed to 6.0 mph and ran another mile. It was one of the best feelings ever. I honestly did not want to stop running. The only reason I did stop is because I had to lift and I was running short on time.

When I started running on a treadmill, I hated it. I didn't enjoy it. I was out of breath running at 5.0 mph. I struggled with my breathing.

But in all honesty, I remember I always had a good workout playlist that got me through my workouts. 

If you don't listen to music while you workout, that's fine. But you should really try listening to music while you  exercise. You would be amazed at how much it helps you finish running that mile or lifting that last set.

Here are some songs that should be on your playlist.
1. Automatic: Nicki Minaj
2. Whip It: Nicki Minaj
3. Bangarang ft. Sirah: Skrillex ( This was on repeat a lot )
4. Starships: Nicki Minaj
5. What Makes You Beautiful: One Direction ( Watch out Justin Bieber )
6. Church: T-Pain
7. Wild One ft Sia: Flo Rida
8. Still Fly: Big Tymers
9. Til I Collapse: Eminem
10.Where Them Girls At ft Flo Rida, Nicki Minaj: David Guetta
11. Descontrol: Daddy Yankee
12. Lovumba: Daddy Yankee

Monday, April 9, 2012

FMM: Trigger Foods

Friend Makin’ Mondays: Trigger Foods

  1. Are there foods in your life that always seem to trigger overeating? Yes. I also have to be in a certain mood too.
  2. If so, what are they?  Chips, chocolate, ice cream.
  3. When are you most likely to give into strong cravings? Holidays, traveling, "that time of the month". ( Sorry guys.)
  4. Are you more likely to be triggered by salty foods or sugary foods? Usually sugary foods but every now and then I crave something salty.
  5. How do you get back on track after overeating? I drink a lot of water and vegetables/fruits/whole grains.
  6. Are there any foods that you allow yourself to eat without limits? carrots, grapes, peppers.
  7. Do you notice a change in your emotions while eating trigger foods? Yes, I feel happy while I eat the food but about a couple minutes later I feel guilty.
  8. Do you have a strategy to keep yourself from overeating trigger foods?  I eat a more fruits and veggies. If I eat a "trigger food" I eat a little bit and drink a lot of water. I am actually getting better at eating trigger foods and not over indulging. That's what I used to struggle with the most but I am better at stopping before I go over board.
I hope everyone had a great Easter!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Yummy Review.

So a couple weeks ago, while I was on spring break, I was in an Attune Foods chat on twitter. After we were done with the chat, I got a DM (direct message) on twitter from Annelies who works for Attune. She asked me if I would like to sample a few of the cereals and I told her I would love to. I received three different types of cereal to try and review.

The first one I am going to review is..

This is basically the better version of rice crispy's.. at least that's what I think. I poured a good sized bowl of the cereal into a bowl and added some skim milk. I also added a packet of Splenda but you could add fruit or use yogurt. I loved the taste. I loved how crunchy it was and it stayed crunchy! Usually when you eat rice crispy's they get soggy within a couple minutes of pouring the milk on them but not these babies. Another plus, was that this kept me full throughout  my night class that I had. Honestly, if you have kids, this would be a great cereal to give them without a doubt. You could also make rice crispy treats with these which I might actually do.

Here is the nutrition facts.

This product is has ingredients; Organic brown rice, Organic brown rice syrup and sea salt.

It is also gluten free, Non GMO, Organic, Kosher and has 28g of 100% whole grains.

You can't go wrong eating this cereal. Go buy a box and taste test it for yourself.

Monday, April 2, 2012

FMM: When I Was a Kid.

When I was a kid…

  1. My parents told me… life isn't fair.
  2. I wanted to grow up to be a…professional women's basketball player or a veterinarian.
  3. I refused to drink.. Milk. I hated the taste but now I like it more and drink it all the time.
  4. My favorite thing to do outside was… play night games with my siblings and neighbors.
  5. I broke my…Wrist climbing up my bunk bed following my sister while playing a game and fell to the floor.
  6. I liked to wear…Boys clothes. I was a TomBoy and kind of still am. Not ashamed though.
  7. My parents always…Made us play outside on really nice days.
  8. I thought that Santa was…Real, until I recognized my moms hand writing on the presents. Sad day.
  9. My favorite cartoon was...Doug/Hey Arnold!
  10. I was the…Second youngest of my siblings.
  11. I got in trouble when…I hid a banana under my pillow.
  12. My bedroom was…and still is too small for my liking. I can't wait to move and have my own space.
  13. My favorite food was… Macaroni and cheese.
  14. My parents always made me…say please and thank you.
  15. My first crush was…In 4th grade, I think his name was Josh. 
  16. My favorite toy was….Gameboy
  17. I thought school was…fun most of the time. 
  18. My biggest fear was…Not fitting into the "cool kids" crowd. I was too school for cool though ;)
  19. My favorite story was…Any of the Mr. Putter and Tabby stories.
  20. My favorite memories…The last days of school, when we would have a huge celebration for the school. We would be outside playing games and inside too. Also, summer just hanging out with friends and swimming.