Monday, April 2, 2012

FMM: When I Was a Kid.

When I was a kid…

  1. My parents told me… life isn't fair.
  2. I wanted to grow up to be a…professional women's basketball player or a veterinarian.
  3. I refused to drink.. Milk. I hated the taste but now I like it more and drink it all the time.
  4. My favorite thing to do outside was… play night games with my siblings and neighbors.
  5. I broke my…Wrist climbing up my bunk bed following my sister while playing a game and fell to the floor.
  6. I liked to wear…Boys clothes. I was a TomBoy and kind of still am. Not ashamed though.
  7. My parents always…Made us play outside on really nice days.
  8. I thought that Santa was…Real, until I recognized my moms hand writing on the presents. Sad day.
  9. My favorite cartoon was...Doug/Hey Arnold!
  10. I was the…Second youngest of my siblings.
  11. I got in trouble when…I hid a banana under my pillow.
  12. My bedroom was…and still is too small for my liking. I can't wait to move and have my own space.
  13. My favorite food was… Macaroni and cheese.
  14. My parents always made me…say please and thank you.
  15. My first crush was…In 4th grade, I think his name was Josh. 
  16. My favorite toy was….Gameboy
  17. I thought school was…fun most of the time. 
  18. My biggest fear was…Not fitting into the "cool kids" crowd. I was too school for cool though ;)
  19. My favorite story was…Any of the Mr. Putter and Tabby stories.
  20. My favorite memories…The last days of school, when we would have a huge celebration for the school. We would be outside playing games and inside too. Also, summer just hanging out with friends and swimming.


  1. Fun list to share, love when I get to read these from FMM

  2. I laughed so hard about the banana under the pillow. One time I hid my easter eggs in a desk drawer because they were so pretty! In a week I had bugs crawling out of my drawers!! I think I got a spanking for that one.