Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Yummy Review.

So a couple weeks ago, while I was on spring break, I was in an Attune Foods chat on twitter. After we were done with the chat, I got a DM (direct message) on twitter from Annelies who works for Attune. She asked me if I would like to sample a few of the cereals and I told her I would love to. I received three different types of cereal to try and review.

The first one I am going to review is..

This is basically the better version of rice crispy's.. at least that's what I think. I poured a good sized bowl of the cereal into a bowl and added some skim milk. I also added a packet of Splenda but you could add fruit or use yogurt. I loved the taste. I loved how crunchy it was and it stayed crunchy! Usually when you eat rice crispy's they get soggy within a couple minutes of pouring the milk on them but not these babies. Another plus, was that this kept me full throughout  my night class that I had. Honestly, if you have kids, this would be a great cereal to give them without a doubt. You could also make rice crispy treats with these which I might actually do.

Here is the nutrition facts.

This product is has ingredients; Organic brown rice, Organic brown rice syrup and sea salt.

It is also gluten free, Non GMO, Organic, Kosher and has 28g of 100% whole grains.

You can't go wrong eating this cereal. Go buy a box and taste test it for yourself.


  1. Mmmm. Now I wants some. Thanks for the review, Fluffy Girl. I'll look for it in the store. I like the idea of adding it to yogurt.

  2. Interesting!! I may have to check that out.. can't get over that the sugar is less than a gram!

  3. I love me some ATTUNE.
    Im a brand ambassador now---but loved em long before :)