Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Getting in the zone for my first 10k..YIKES!

On Sunday, May 1st I will be running my very first 10k. I am excited and yet very nervous. I have been training for it but not as well as I wanted to. I got to a point in training where I just got sick of running. Now that it is race week, I 'm having all these voices run through my head. "You should of done this and that". "What if I can't make it all 6 miles". "What if my ipod doesn't have enough battery?" What if I have to walk?" I don't know why I'm thinking of all these little things but I try to keep reminding myself that this is my first 10k and that all I want to do is finish.

This race is actually a marathon relay that I am doing with 3 others. We will each run about 6.2 miles. I was chosen to be the one who crosses the finish line and I think that will be so awesome. I have ran in numerous 5k's over the past year and I am getting that same feeling I got when I ran my very first 5k. I would love to hear comments and advice from you guys about my 10k. How do you calm yourself down and get pre-racing gitters out? I could use some encouragement, so don't be shy.

La Crosse, WI Fitness Festival

The link above is where you can get more information about the marathon relay that I am running.

Oh, and by the way- I cannot wait to put one of these bad boy's on my car next to my 5k sticker