Sunday, October 30, 2011

Mud Run Recap.

Two Saturdays ago I ran a 5 mile Mud Run. It. Was. AWESOME! My mom and my aunt got some people together for a group to do the run. The mud run ran in heats, our heat was to start at 12:30. It was perfect because it was in the 60's and sunny. We wanted to wear something that made us look like a team so the idea was to wear pink. I took it to the next level- Hawaii shirt I found in my brother closet!
like my socks?

Our group for the Dirty Dog Mud Run: Pink Fire&Ice

The race had a great atmosphere, lots of people showed up just to watch people make a fool of themselves and get muddy, there was a radio station there playing music and of course lots of beer :) At any get together in Wisconsin, beer/alcohol is always there as well. When our heat started my sister and I started jogging ahead of the rest of the group because we wanted to run most of it. all through the course there were different obstacles that you had to run under, over, slide down, jump over ect. It was like boot camp minus the person yelling profanities in your face.

The first major obstacle was running up this huge hill and then getting to slide down into a mud pool. My sister and I had a disposable camera, funny thing I almost forgot how to use one of those. She wanted to have me take a picture of her coming down the slide so I took the camera and hopped on down the slide... this is what happens when you take a picture of yourself sliding down a huge hill..

After the slide we started running with two other women that were in our group. We had a good pace going. 
We came upon our next mud pool..Guess what happened.

I rolled around in it.
Next we came upon more barriers to climb over and we had to run up this hill again, but this part of the hill was, I kid you not almost at a 90 degree angle. After more jogging we came to a station where we had to army crawl under this thing and then we had to jump over these tube like things. I'm sorry if this doesn't make any sense, but what you should know is that it was realllllly fun.

Just a random pic we decided to take.
 At the 3 mile marker they had a hydration station where you could get water and/or Beer. Which do you think I chose? If you said beer, you would be correct!

The next 2 miles went by rather fast. We rolled around in more mud and we had to crawl on our hands and knees through this muddy, hoola hoop type of obstacle. I tore up my knees on rocks. Totally worth it thought!

It hurt so good!

Just chillin in the mud.

We finished the race in just over an hour. It was the most fun I've had running 5miles. If you get a chance to do one with a group of people, DO IT! Your going to get muddy but you'll have some of the best laughs of your life. Plus, I got another FREE beer.

Id say it was a successful mud run.

So muddy.

The group :)
By the way, I've never wanted to take a shower as much as I did after this race.