Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Just keep swimming...or running

Ok, ok I am back! I will not lie- I missed all my bloggers but I did manage to keep up with people on Twitter. It's almost been a month since the last time I blogged and let me tell you how frustrated I was. I just needed to get away. I ended up putting my scale in a closet and haven't stepped on it since. I hate the feeling I would get when I stepped on that stupid device and how shitty it made me feel for the rest of the day. For those of you who don't know- I have been on a fucking plateau for 4 almost 5 months now. It sucks. It sucks monkey butt. I was so mad at my body for not doing what I wanted that I took a week off and didn't exercise and ate pretty much what I wanted. At first it felt good but as the week progressed I hated the feeling of laziness. So that following monday I got back on the horse and started working out and eating right again. I am still in the 190's weight wise and I really want to be in the 180's by Christmas-I know I've said that a million times but I REALLLLLY want that-seriously that would be the best Christmas present ever.

I am trying a new lifting program for the next 4 weeks. No more circuit, this program is more of building muscle. I am also going back to HIIT for running. Lately, I have been in love with biking at my local YMCA. So I will be doing some intervals on the bike to get the HR going as well. I would like to also share with you guys and gals that I have been keeping up my promise of running atleast one 5k a month. In November I ran two turkey trot's. One in La Crosse, WI with my sister and one in Pewaukee, WI Thanksgiving morning. I can honestly say that running 5k's really has kept me in the mood to go to the gym and workout. My saving grace I guess you could say.

Pre Turkey Trot in La Crosse, WI w/ my sister

Post Turkey Trot- Love the T shirt we got!

Pre Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Morning...at 730am. My sister, cousins and I

After the race and ready to nom nom nom on Turkey :)

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Break time

For the past 3-4 months I have been hovering around 195-196. I changed up my workouts and I was told by a metabolic and body composition coordinator to consume around 2,000 calories a day. For some reason my body, at least on the scale has not shown any degree of change. I am not going to lie to you, seeing other people's accomplishments, when it comes to losing weight is great but it also is rubbing me in the wrong way. How can this person lose weight every damn week and I have trouble losing a pound in 2-3 weeks. I work hard, I eat right, I drink lots of water. I try to make good and healthy decisions everyday. Don't get me wrong-losing almost 40 pounds in 8 months is awesome. I want to lose more though and for some reason my body likes staying right where it is. I feel like my hard work is not paying off. I know that exercising and eating right in itself is great for me but I want to SEE it. So for right now I am taking a break on my blogging. I will still be on twitter tweeting (MollyMFNitka) and my Facebook (FluffyGirl). I think when I hit certain goals I will blog about it, let's say when I hit 190. But right now, I need to figure out why I haven't lost weight. I realize people plateau. But let's get serious, a plateau for 4 months, something needs to change.

It's not good-bye, it's I'll see ya soon.