Monday, July 16, 2012


For months and months I have been working out 5-6 days a week. I have been working out for 1-2 hrs depending if I need to lift and I think that toll has caught up with my body. Throw in standing and moving on my feet for 7+ hours at work and that equation equals physically and mentally drained Fluffygirl.

I have decided to take sort of a vacation week. I need to give my body a rest from all the pounding I have been doing to it for months and months. I was getting to the point where I no longer enjoyed working out, I felt as though it was a chore. I am thinking of possibly not working out on the weekends or doing not so strenuous activity on the weekends. I need to mix things up because I am kind of getting bored of the same old same old.

Do you work out on the weekends? What are some fun non strenuous activities to burn calories that you do?

I know how you feel, Bro.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

New Lifting Regiment and Movie Reviews.

So I have been slacking lately. I don't know if it just because of work or its the summer time but I know my drinking of alcoholic beverages has been on the incline. (drinking a Sconnie beer as I type) Also, I have been mindlessly eating a lot. I have been good with bringing a lunch/dinner to work. That has been a piece of cake. Although I NEED to start drinking more water.

God's nectar

But lately my workout have been ehhhhh. You know, not kick ass but not bad. So I had my dad make me a new lifting work out. I want more muscle definition. I needed to switch it up because I have been doing the same thing for months and I needed to work out new muscles.

Today I tried the new lifting work out and it was good. My legs are jello from lunges, I effing hate them but they do your legs/butt good. My arms are jello as well, but its a good feeling. I needed that kind of a sore to awaken me. I also think that I will only do 30 mins of cardio on lift days instead of my usual hour plus.

But all in all I am doing well. I am working out every day before or after work. And I like that switch in schedule because my night work outs are just me and maybe one or two other people at the Y. I like having the cardio room all to myself.

As I said before, food wise it could be better but it could be worse. I'm just trying to learn how to adapt to the temptations at work. But it's awesome to hear my co-workers tell me "you're so healthy bring a lunch to work". Puts a smile on my face. 

Weigh-in day is tomorrow... we shall see.

P.S. Magic Mike is horrible ladies. Wait for it to come out on Red Box...but naked guys are nice. And guys, Ted is hilarious. Perks of the job- seeing movies fo FREE!

Monday, July 9, 2012

FMM: Summertime


1. What is your favorite thing about Summer? Being able to tan, swim, drink margaritas and the sun stays out longer.
2. What is your favorite outdoor activity? tanning. That's an activity right?
3. If you had to choose, would you prefer to be too hot or too cold? Too cold because you can always add on layers.
4. Does your appetite increase or decrease during warmer months? I think it increases because i'm more dehydrated.
5. What is your favorite seasonal Summer fruit? Strawberries.
6. Would you prefer to spend a hot summer day at the mall or at a swimming pool? Swimming pool hands down!
7. Are you more likely to tan or sunburn? TAN TAN TAN :)
8. How does your routine change when Summer begins? Well, I have a different job that has 2 different shifts. So I have to sometimes workout earlier in the am.
9. What is the temperature outside where you are today? I think in the 80's. We were in a heat wave for the last 2 weeks though. It was effing HAWT.
10.  What is your favorite Summer holiday? Fourth of July, 'MERICA!