Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I started running last week in order to get ready for my FIRST 5k on August 28. I also wanted to do/try something new instead of just doing the ellpitical all the time. Let me tell you how scared I was to just run. I have hated running ever since I started playing sports. I could never get my breathing down and I was always so slow. It honestly scared me to run. Recently my sister made me a running schedule for the 5k so I wouldn't suck totally in my first race. The first day my sister and I ran together. We were going to only run on lap, which is a mile and then walk another lap. When I started running, it was so simple for me. It kinda took me by surprise how I wasnt struggling to get my breathing under control. We were even having a little conversation here and there, which back 6 months ago would never have happend. We ran the lap and she asked me if I could keep going..."HELL YEAH!" I said. We ran another half of lap before we stopped. She didnt want me doing too much too soon. We ran for 15 mintues straight and it didnt even seem that long. My sister was impressed with how well I did and actually so was I.

The past week I have been running everyday and I enjoy it a lot. Running feels so good right now. I jam out to music and I have time to think about a lot of things. I love the feeling after I get done running, I feel so accomplished. Six months ago, I was out of breath walking up stairs. I weighed 231 pounds and I was in the worst shape ever in my life. Today I am 34 pounds lighter, I weight under 200 pounds (197 baby!) and I am running and loving it.

Do you enjoy running? How much do you run? Why do you enjoy running?


  1. not yet...Im trying to find that love.


  2. Dang it I lost my comment!

    Short version: I love running.

    You're going to be great on 5k! #nodoubtaboutit.

    Yes I did just hash tag you blog! WHAT?!?

  3. You have no idea how inspiring that is! I am thinking about doing a 5k soon as well but I HATE RUNNING! It sounds like you felt the same way I did though and look at you! Bad Mother Runner! ♥

  4. Wait till you do that first 5K, you'll be hooked!!!! I just started and I am diggin' it too!

  5. Damn Right Imma Bad Mother Runner ;) I like that saying!!

  6. I love running, even when I hate it. I'm training for my first half at the end of September, so my mileage is increasing each week. It's crazy to total it all up to really track it. Mostly I like it because it gives me time to think or not think, listen to music and be myself (not "just" a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, student...)

  7. I hate running. Well, I like it for the first minute or so... and then I hate it. :p

    Good luck on your first 5K!

  8. Congrats on your new love of running.

    I got big into outdoor running last spring. I still enjoy it and try to run at least a mile each day in between my free weight sessions. I just don't push myself as hard as I used to - I would run at least 3 miles or so then I got burnt out. I just do it as long as it's fun and gets my heart rate up for a bit and that's good for me. :)