Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Deep fried what?!

Ask anyone who lives in Wisconsin or is from the beer and cheese state about the Wisconsin State Fair and you will not believe some of the stuff they say. Most people come to the fair to try numerous different food(s) that only come around once a year. But your probably wondering, what food is worth a trip to West Allis, WI? How about anything you can think of on a stick, chocolate covered bacon, anything you can find to deep fry and the infamous cream puff. My best friend Andi and I went to this once a year occasion, which usually marks that the end of summer is near. When we went we had in mind what we wanted to find and try. It was kind of like a treasure hunt. All I wanted was some $.25 milk and a cream puff. Andi wanted to try deep fried cream cheese, deep fried PB&J and root beer milk.

So, most of you right now are probably thinking. What the hell?! Rootbeer milk? Deep Fried cream cheese?! Holy shit. Here are some pictures to prove that I am not pulling your leg.

Our first stop in this adventure was the $.25 glass of milk. Of course WI being the dairy state and infact where REAL HAPPY COWS come from, the fair always have a shit ton of cows. They milk the cows daily and use the milk to make different flavors. The flavors are chocolate, strawberry, cherry vanilla, and root beer. I tried the root beer and strawberry for the first time and they were both delicious.

Yes, three cups of different flavored milk. Total cost $.75 

We next wondered through the fair to find the new iteam this year. Deep.Fried.Cream Cheese. I new I was not going to try this, just because the thought of it made my heart hurt. But my friend loves cream cheese and what could be better than having it deep fried.

I just wanted to hold it. Did I mention it came with a small cup of ranch dressing...

 The first nibble of the heart attack on a stick...

Don't let that face fool you, she enjoyed it.

After I let the 3 cups of the most tasty, creamy, ice cold, refreshing milk settle, we decided to go hunt for my cream puff.

Yes, you can watch them make cream puffs. It's kinda a big deal.

This is something you want in and around your mouth...

Worth every calorie..don't worry I burned them off the next day.

After I was done eating that once a year cream puff, we walked around for a bit and people watched. We then went to find the deep fried peanut butter and jelly for andi. Andi tried it last year and she loved it, so she got it again.

She's really excited to eat this.

I was forced to try it. As you see Peer Pressure really works on me. I'll have to admit- It was good.

So, as you see there are many weird and yet tasty foods on a stick at this fair. I'm pretty sure the Food Network could come here and do a week long show with all the stuff we have. Hope you enjoyed the pictures to prove how crazy us Wisconsinites are.


  1. Ok, seriously? The deep fried cream cheese with ranch dressing sounds really good. I feel like I should go run a mile just thinking about it.

  2. Hahaha, I'm glad you had so much fun. The pictures are nice. :) I wouldn't be able to live in Wisconsin!... I'm vegan and I can't eat fried stuff. Have fun!

  3. Don't forget the donut that acts as a bun for the burger, complete with chocolate covered bacon...ok, that just makes me gag! I don't think we'll be making it to the fair this year, but I will miss having a cream puff!

  4. The cream puff is hands down the best thing at the fair...along with rootbeer milk

  5. Our state fair here is in a couple of weeks and we ALWAYS stop for the 25 cent milk! I don't think I've ever had root beer milk ... I think I might have to at least try it if I'm every someplace where it's available. All the deep fried stick food drives me crazy. It's all sooooo tempting! Adam Richman (the guy from Man V Food) is coming out this year ... maybe I'll see if he wants to split on with me!

  6. Ha ha!!!! Yes there are some tasty and strange foods at the fair. Don't get me started telling you about the funnel cake my husband devoured last month and then spent the next day puking his brains out. LOL

  7. karen- adam came to milwaukee for Summerfest. It was awesome.

    Bobbie- I feel for your husband. Funnel cakes are bad news bears.

  8. I'm so glad there isn't something like that around here! It all sounds amazing and awful at the same time and I think my brain might explode a little trying to figure out whether I should eat everything or run away as fast as possible. Then again, I've never actually tried fresh milk like that... so that alone might be worth it. (I'd just need to make sure my self-control was extra strong that day!)

    Looks like you had a great time!

  9. "This is something you want in and around your mouth..." <<<I cracked up
    I want to try that Root Beer Milk. Fresh ice cold milk is like sex in your mouth.

    Side note: I dig the Under Armour V-neck.

  10. Guess I never noticed that you are either a Wisconinsite or live very close by. I live in Milwaukee but sadly did not make it to the fair this year. I had major surgery on my foot to remove a tumor inside the heel bone and I don't think I am quite up to walking around the fair... I am happy to say that one of my friends stopped and picked me up a cream puff without me even asking, great friend.

    I admit that I really enjoy the fair and like getting a cream puff and lemonade but I have not really become all that enchanted with 'deep fried stuff' yet... but that might be a good thing, since I really try to stay away from that stuff.

    Best Wishes.

  11. I think your love of the cream puff is the same as my love for the Puyallup fair's scones. The lines go on forever but so worth the wait. I'd scratch a bitch to get to a raspberry scone.