Sunday, August 22, 2010

Drop Dead Gorgeous by December

So Jess over at half of jess decided to come up with this crazy, cool idea called Drop Dead Gorgeous by December. Check out her link, there's a lot of awesome stuff that goes with it. She gave us a list of things to do for the first part of it and here they are.

1. Post a pic of yourself with a positive sign

2. My current weight = 194.7

3.Goal(s) from now until december
  • Run a lot more, especially outside before all the snow falls
  • Drink more water every day
  • Try to incorporate more vegetables throughout the day
  • Look myself in the mirror and point out something positive
  • Try something new be it food, exercises, ect
  • Become a Pen Pal - Any takers?
  • Realize how far I have come in almost a year
4.One thing you are proud of for the week
Running 10 miles this week- not bad for a beginner

5.One thing I can improve upon for next week

What will you accomplish before this year is over? There is still time, get up and DO IT!


  1. Wooot! Imma need to get your address then :)

  2. pen pal? like snail mail or email?

    Just found your blog from 344pounds!

  3. I'll be your pen pal! I also found your blog from 344pounds! Keep up the great work!