Monday, July 19, 2010

Disney. New Supplement testing. Back to work.

I got home yesterday around 10am. I had been up since 2am-slept on the flight on the way home but was still tired. I ended up going to church then came home and made some breakfast-which was healthy compared to the stuff on vacation I was eating and then went to take a nap. I woke up at 6pm. I thought I was going to go on the elliptical but man was I tired. I know, excuses excuses right. Dont worry guys and gals, today I worked out for 2.5 hours and burned 2000+ cals. It felt good to do a legit workout again! I also tried a new supplement I got at the convention. It's called No Shotgun- It's a pre-workout drink. I really thought it helped my workout. I didn't feel tired, the reason-caffeine but it also has other stuff in it to help. The taste is a little blah, but I managed to drink it.

As for Orlando, it was a good trip. The weather was hot, a little rain here and there but otherwise it was Florida weather in the summer. We did a lot of walking around, which was good because that means calories burned. I got two 55min workouts in with my sister at the hotel. I did the elliptical on level 12. I got a good sweat going and it felt good to start out the day dripping sweat. We went to only two places in Disney, Downtown Disney and Epcot. Epcot was really cool. I really enjoyed the ride in the Epcot ball.

Me, my sister and my lil bro (he's 6'4'')

We also took pictures with a couple of characters...
Chip N Dale!

A cat from the Arista-Cats. Forgot the name-Sorry Kitty Cat.

Mulan! I spotted her and we didn't have to wait in a line to take a pic. She wanted us to pose like that, btw.

And, finally Mr. Schmee.

I enjoyed going to all the countries. It was neat to see how many people from around the world really come to Disney. It's crazy! We went to ESPN to eat dinner and they were doing a live show- The two announcers asked where we were from. We replied "Wisconsin!" They immediately said, " Oh, the land of beer and cheese." haha. So true. They also asked us about Brett Farve (Barf) We told them, we dislike him and he's a traitor. Across from us, were Chicago Cubs fans..BOO! There is nothing worse than a Cubs fan, that's a fact.

The guy asking my brother for his answer to a question.

The T-shirt we won for a correct answer. WooHooo!

Overall, the trip was a success. I didn't over-do it on food and I got to workout. I enjoyed myself a lot and hopefully, someday I will get to go to the other Disney parks that I didn't get to see. The last night, we dressed up for a little dinner shindig.

The siblings. Btw, I'm wearing my new size 14 shorts :D

It's back to work tomorrow morning, bright and early. Got to make that money- Then on friday it's off to North Carolina with my friend Heebs and her rents. Have any of you gone on vacation? Do you watch your calories and exercise or do you not care? Any good workouts you have in mind for when I'm on vacation?


  1. So jealous! I h ave never been to Disney, but would love to go.

    Also, love the pictures, looks like you had a great time. FYI, watch out for the caffeine supplements, sometimes they sneak shit in you don't want or need in your body.

  2. yeah, I had my dad look at them. He's good with stuff like that. Thanks for the heads up though, vinny!

  3. Hey, just found your blog (I forget who our mutual friend is!), and I'm following you now. Congrats on your 34 pounds lost! :)