Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Vacation time.

So I've been packing for the last three hours. Going through my list to see if I have everything and if I need to add anything to my already fully packed suitcase. I am very excited to be going to Orlando, FL. The reason for this vacation is because my dad, who is on the Board of Directors in the NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association) will be speaking and receiving an award down there. It is also our first time to Disney. As a kid, my family didn't go on family vacations. It kind of makes me sad because all of my friends always go on vacations and then there's me, stuck at home during the summers. When people ask me if I have ever been to Disney, I reply "No" and there face instantly turns to shocked.

I have been talking to friends and they have really jacked me up for this trip. They said no matter what age you are, you will love Disney. That makes me so happy because I feel like I would have had a better time when I was younger, but to hear that I will have a great time at 20 years old-This place really must be awesome.

The last couple of days I have kind of been nervous/anxious about this trip. I am really excited to go but I also am nervous about eating and exercising. I realize I am on vacation and I should be able to enjoy myself but I don't want to over indulge. The past couple of weeks have been tough for me mentally and somewhat physically. I have been feeling really tired and my weigh-in's are not going well. I ended up losing a pound last week but the week before I gained two. I don't know if I am gaining muscle or what but I would just like to get back on track to losing at least two pounds per week. I know as of now I am maintaining my weight-which I cannot complain too much about. But I was really hoping to be down to my goal weight of 170 Lbs by my brother's wedding which is September 18.

Our flight leaves at 6 am tomorrow. I will be up bright and early- I am ready to go to the "Happiest place on Earth". I will be back on Sunday and I will for sure take lots of pictures to share with you when I get back.

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