Friday, July 16, 2010

The motto of the trip: Just.Keep.Moving.

What's up everyone! Hello from Orlando- I managed to steal my dad's laptop and WIFI in the hotel room. It's been fun down here but just wanted to do a little blogging on my down time. I have been working out every morning with my sister here at the hotel. I've done the elliptical for 55 mins and on level 12. Both times I have burned over 1000 calories! I have been trying to eat "healthy" and make good choices, like eating chicken and drinking water. I splurged a little tonight and got some cookies and cream low fat yogurt in a dish. It tasted like ice cream and was delicious! We have done a lot of walking around which is a plus-burning more calories! Today all we did was sit by the pool and tan- that's what I'm talking about. I got a tad bit burnt but it will def turn into a tan. Hope all of you have had a great week, I wanna give a special shout out to Tara for joining me and many other's in the great place of One-der-land! Congrats Tara and keep working hard :)

I get back to Wisconsin early on Sunday. I hear it's supposed to be in the 90's and sunny so I may hold off blogging until later that night or Monday. See ya then!

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