Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Change- For the better.

So as I was reading Tara's blog http://263andcounting.com/ I saw that she was going down in sizes in both pants and shirts. I know how she feels about going shopping and literally crying because of how much progress is going on with your body. I went to Old Navy and I usually got shirts in an XL and pants in an 18 or 20. A month or so ago I went shopping with my friend, Heebs and we went to Old Navy. They started putting out summer clothing and there were tons of V-neck shirts that were sooo cute. (I LOVE V-necks) I grabbed 5 shirts in XL and a pair of Bermuda shorts in a size 20. I got into the the dressing room and put on a t shirt- WHAT?! It's too BIG? I checked the size to see if I had accidentally grabbed a XXL. Nope it was an XL- I couldn't believe it. I thought maybe someone had tried it on and stretched it out so I tried another shirt. STILL TOO BIG! I then tried the pair of shorts on and they didn't even stay up when I put them on my waist. I couldn't believe it. I went back and picked out a shirt in a Large and a size 16 in the shorts. I went back to try both on. The shirt fit perfectly. I stared in the mirror and just smiled- I really just wanted to scream with joy but everyone would probably think I was crazy. I tried the shorts and and they also fit good-actually they were a little lose but I knew another size down would be too tight. It was the best shopping experience I have ever gone through.

This is the outfit I bought- It's when I new all my hard work was paying off, and shit I think I look pretty damn good.

I recently went through my closet and tried on some of my clothes... remember this pic

I tried that shirt on and this is what it looked like..
Here's another one...

This shirt is huge on me now. I just laughed when I put it on- still in shock that I wore a XL and it fit me pretty good.
I then went through more shirts and I gave 6 away to Good Will and I'm hoping my mom can shrink a sweater.After that therapy session on how hard work pays off I went to do my elliptical workout with some ladder drills, take a guess at how many cals I burned-ok did you guess a number...here it is

Ok- for all of you who don't know, we are doing a Champion of the Universe challenge tomorrow. You can do any work out you want. After your done working out take a picture of your sweaty self and post it on your blog or the 344 Forum-under Champion of the universe. The person who burns the most cals will be the Champion and will get to use this as their avatar until the next challenge.

Will it be you?


  1. Yeah I'm pretty sure it will be me. :p

    WOW, great progress on the clothes. Those old shirts look so big on you now. The face....LOL the face you are making is priceless!

  2. haha- Vinny are you sure your going to win? I think I still have some energy left from today's workout ;)
    My face is basically saying DAYYAM this shirt is huge on me.

  3. ahhh, LOVE it! makes all of the work feel SO worth it when you can go shopping and not hate it... way to go molly :)

  4. Molly, you are a beautyfull lady just the way you are.... greets Harold from Holland