Wednesday, June 2, 2010

rain can't stop me.

For the champion of the universe challenge this is what I did my circuit workout plus some elliptical. I also ran up and down my street for NRD- It was raining so I didn't really run as much as I wanted. Here are some pics

Calories burned for Champion of the Universe...not too shabby

Boo it's raining...that's not going to stop me from running though.

Look at the lovely, sweaty person after working out ;)

Faint rainbow makes it all better.


  1. Even in the rain you took me out! Damn your good.

  2. What kind of watch combo do you have?

  3. You're so damn cute miss molly!!! I'm in for the next challenge now that I have my FT4

  4. Vinny- Thanks :)

    Emily- I have a Timex that I bought on amazon

    Tara- I cant wait for the next challenge with you!