Saturday, June 5, 2010

Welcome, to Onederland

I've been waiting for this moment for a long time. Stepping on a scale and finally seeing a 1 in front instead of a 2 is such an amazing feeling. Starting out at 231 pounds, I thought to myself, it will take me forever to finally weigh 199 pounds. Well, it doesnt happen over night that's for sure. But it took about 4 months...which actually went by rather fast. I have learned and noticed a lot over the past 4 months of my weight loss journey..

  • Exercise is KEY ( cardio to be exact )
  • Eating right and in good portions
  • Eat when I'm hungry, stop when I feel full
  • Just because your fat, doesn't mean you can't get healthy
  • My back problem that I had is now gone
  • Pictures are really worth a 1000 words- good and bad, Shows progress
  • I finally enjoy going shopping
  • I need to find clothes in smaller sizes *cough* MEDIUM
  • I know what it's like to push yourself even when you don't want to workout
  • Listen to your body and love your body
  • I've learned that hard work and dedication really do get you somewhere
  • Letting people know your trying to lose weight helped keep me accountable
  • I have awesome blood pressure
  • H20 is my best friend
  • Blogging has helped me get through this journey and I have met some great people
  • I have lost weight in all areas of my body
  • It's ok to splurge 
  • Compliments are wonderful
  • You will have successes and failures along the way, don't let the failures keep you down
  • I have a lot more energy and I feel great
  • I enjoy cooking my own meal using fresh produce
  • I will NEVER go back to being 231 pounds. NEVER.
I know this sounds cliche but I never thought I was going to weigh under 200 pounds again. But when you stay motivated and dedicated to getting to a certain goal, it can happen. You have to make working out a priority in your life or you wont see the results that you want. The ride to getting to Onederland has been bumpy. There have been times when I jump up and down, scream, smile, laugh and cry. I've wanted to quit a lot but stayed with it. Losing weight is a mind game- you can't let one bad weigh-in stop you. Just keep on going, you'll get there eventually and it's so worth it.

Welcome to Onederland...Hope you enjoy your stay.


  1. "I know this sounds cliche but I never thought I was going to weigh under 200 pounds again"

    Doesn't sound too clicheist to me Ms. Molly. I know exactly what you're saying. Look at you proving yourself wrong!


  2. Greatest feeling in the world.

  3. Get it girl!!! I'm thrilled for you!