Saturday, June 26, 2010

who gets sick in the summer...this girl

Stepped on the scale this morning and was really nervous- I got sick this week starting on tuesday. It started as a sore throat. It wasn't bad but it didn't feel good at all. That night I got no sleep and it didnt help having to wake up at 6am. As the week progressed I started getting a stuffy nose which turned into me not being able to breathe at all. On top of that, I work with kids for 10 hours a day. I yell...alot at them and by thursday I was losing my voice. The voice that I did have left sounded like a man. awesome. Honestly, who gets sick in the summer? I do.

Back to the scale. I was very nervous because this week just felt off for me. I worked out and I ate pretty well but when your sick you lose motivation. I know I could have done more but man, I was dog tired. All I wanted to do was sleep and sleep and sleep. I literally FORCED myself this week to workout. I can't complain though because this is what the scale showed me...

I gained .2 pounds. It sucks to gain weight but I know I can lose that easily. I can tell you that my cold/flu is going away. I still have a nasty cough and I don't sounds like a man anymore. Yay! Well, I hope your week went better than mine. This weekend I am going up to Madison to puppy sit with a friend for my brother and his fiance. Then on Sunday I get to go to a Brewers game with a couple of people. Hopefully this weekend is better and I hope you all have a happy and healthy weekend. Btw, take vitamin C so you don't get sick and sound like a man ;)

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  1. I just got over a nasty head cold the other week. It's the worst to be sick in the summer. Hope you feel better soon! :)