Sunday, June 27, 2010

Get back on track.

So as you all know, or atleast if you read my last blog- I was sick all week and still am. I still have a nasty cough that sounds like I am dieing and my nose is still full of wonderful multi-colored mucus. I haven't gotten a good nights sleep in a week, so I am grumpy and during the day I have no energy. Yeah, I know I bet you all are pulling our the worlds smallest violin and playing me a song. I'm sorry for bitching and moaning but man I just want to be able to breathe out of my nose and taste the food I eat.

So my weekend was not all that bad. On Friday after work, I went to play Bingo at Potawatomi in Milwaukee with Heebs and my friend Adam. Adam is in the Air Force and is stationed out in Wyoming. He only has a certain amount of time home until he has to head back. It was fun to just talk with each other because we all grew close in high school. Bingo did not go our way, none of us won but three people at the other side of our table did. It would have been nice to win a couple hundred bucks but there is always next time.

On saturday morning, my friend Heebs and I went to give blood. I used to give platelets regualarly but now with working 40 hours a week and trying to workout after, donating is not the top priority unfortunately.It was not my idea to go give blood, but as I was in the interview cubical an older women was talking to me. She asked me the same questions as usual like..

"Can you spell your last name for me?"
"What's your D.O.B?"
"How tall are you?"
She then asked me...
"How much do you weigh?"
I replied proudly, "196 pounds"
The woman looked at me and said "You do NOT weigh that"
Me- " Yes, I do"
The women looked shocked and said " really? You do NOT look like you weigh 196 pounds"
Me- "Thank you, you do not know how good that makes me feel"
The women then says, " You must have a lot of muscle"

That conversation is something that will always stick with me. After that awesome comment the lady made she did my mini physical. She had to prick my finger to see what my iron level was. It was high enough to donate. She noticed that I was blood type A-. She looked at me and said, "Your blood that you donate today, its going to be going to a baby." I was shocked, I know going and giving blood is a gift that most people don't even know-it saves lives. Knowing that my blood was going to help a baby survive was one of the greatest feelings I have ever had, besides being under 200 pounds. I literally and I kid you not, I got goosebumps.

So, she took me out to my chair where I donated. I was done within ten minutes. My friend Heebs couldn't donate because her iron was too low. As we left the Blood Center, I realized I came in not caring about giving blood and I left knowing that I helped a baby survive. GO GIVE BLOOD!

That night I went up to Sun Prairie, WI with my friend Abbey and we puppy sat my brother and his fiance's dog, Lucy. It was fun, because it was the first time I got to see my brother's apartment. We ended up just hanging out watching Super Bad and having a couple beers. I played catch with Lucy until I got tired of throwing the damn ball. They have a balcony, so Abbey and I sat on the balcony and just talked while we watched the storm roll in. We went to bed and then ended up having to get up at 6 am, ugh, because Abbey had to work at 8am. It's only about an hr drive but when its 615am no one is on the highway so I was cruisin at 80 mph. Thank Jesus no Po-Po were out to pull me over.
This was taken at Easter of this year. Me and Lucy, she's much bigger now.

Today, I got to go to a Brewers Game with my girls, Becca and Heebs. It was a one o'clock game so we went out to breakfast before the game. I had one beer before we went into Miller Park. It started out cloudy and muggy and then it turned into sunny and humid. We had great seats and the game was fun. The Brewers were hitting very well and we ended up beating the Seattle Mariners. After I got dropped off at my house, around 345 I came into my room and passed out until 630.

Me, Becca and Heebs at the Brewers game

The view from our Loge Seats. Thank God we were in the shade otherwise I would have been sweating my ass off!

The thing about this weekend was that I didn't workout friday, saturday or today (sunday). That is the first time in 4 months where I didn't work out all weekend. I feel "dirty" in a way. I mean, after a while its ingrained in your brain to workout. I also, didn't eat as well as I wanted to this weekend. I was on the run a lot and just didn't prepare anything. Yeah, I know it's my fault and I learned the hard way for sure. I just feel out of my routine. I need to get back on track. Tomorrow is the start of a new week, a better week.


  1. Well....first and foremost...GO RED SOX lol. Second, don't beat yourself up for not going to the gym all weekend. In fact, you can do yourself more harm than good when you are sick by going to the gym. When you are sick you need to rest. Your body is already working overtime to overcome your cold.

    Also, you didn't kill yourself by eating bad on the weekend. Get back in he game today and forget about it. We all slip up at some point, but it doesn't seem to me that you even did that. You simply worked with you had while on the road all weekend.

    Get well soon and then get back on track and on the ATTACK!!!

  2. vinny, that makes me feel sooo much better! Your the best :)