Monday, May 31, 2010

A weekend in Hudson, WI

So this past weekend my mom, sister and I went up to Hudson, WI to visit my brother's fiance, Jen and her mother. We went up to do wedding stuff. My brother Cal, is getting married in September. (That is actually another reason why I wanted to lose weight but that's another blog I will post later.) We got there last on friday night but we still somehow managed to drink 7 bottles of wine bewteen the 5 of us. Not to bad. On saturday morning, we got up early and headed into Minnesota for a farmers market. This farmer's market was hopping. We have a farmers market here in Waukesha-but not as big and crowded as this one was. It was unbeleievable to see all the different things being sold there for such a low price. My mom bought a huge bundle of spinache for one stinking dollar! At the grocery store you pay like five bucks for a little bag of the stuff.

After that we went running different errands at all the different stores to find stuff to make center pieces for the tables at the wedding. We found what we needed and bought the stuff. After that we went to go try the food that could possibly be served at the wedding. We got to taste test three different entres and we ened up picking champagne chicken-delicious.

We also went to a Trader Joe's where we picked up 7 more bottles of three buck chuck. Yeah, were alcoholics, but we needed something to drink while we were making the center pieces. We got back to the house and ended up making salad for dinner. We ended up making all of the center pieces-which by the way look so awesome.

Jen made a bonfire and we watched the sun set off into the distance. We were out in the country and we saw the stars pop out as the dark sky started to come up. It's so much easier to see the stars in the country unlike at my house where we have the city lights. We sat by the fire, talked, laughed, enjoyed more wine and just relaxed. I ended up not having a scale to weigh-in on saturday morning BUT this morning I stepped on the scale for the heck of it and all I could do was :D I can't wait for this Saturday's weigh-in. (Possibly going into onderland this weekend)

Happy Memorial Day- Hope everyone is enjoying their monday off! Thank you to the men and women who are serving our country, you guys are the best!

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  1. haha "yeah we're alcoholics but we needed something to drink while we were making the center pieces"
    i'm pretty sure i've said that before...
    we would definitely be best friends. just sayin :)