Monday, May 24, 2010

5k walk, Hot weather and TOM.

So this past weekend I had a 5k walk for NAMI- National Alliance on Mental Illness.It was held at Frame Park in Waukesha, Wisconsin. The weather was sunny and in the 80's. It was for my good friend Heebs. She suffers from anxiety, I think I too suffered from an acute form of anxiety my freshman year of college. I never really told anyone but when she told me she was seeing a psychiatrist, it kind of shocked me. But she is doing very well now.
This was a picture of part of the group, Me, abbey, heebs and ashley. The walk was at beautiful Frame Park in Waukesha, WI.

This is the whole group "Hakuna Matata"- Heebs and I made those awesome T shirts :) We got a lot of compliments on them. I also got complimented on my weight loss by a mom that I know. Once again it is nice to hear words of encouragement come from others.

On Sunday, the weather here in Wisconsin was HOT, 90 degrees hot to be exact. So, I did what I do best and I layed out for 3 hours. Today, once again it was in the upper 80's and I layed out for another 2 hours. My back needs some aloe vera that's for sure. I worked out on both sunday and today and man was it hard. The sun sucked a lot of my energy out of me and my body was for sure telling me I was stupid for working out in this hot weather. My t-shirt were soaked in sweat, seriously sweat was dripping off of my shirts people. I think I lost about 5 pounds in sweat both days- I carry around my best friend TOM; he's my water bottle. I filled him up about 10 times the past two days. I<3 TOM.
This is Tom. I don't know what I would do without him...probably get dehydrated.

For all of you who don't know- my house was built by my grandfather, there is no air conditioning in it. That's how I've grown up for 20 and I've hated it. My mom refuses for some reason to get it installed so instead we have a number of fans blowing in our house. We also have a big ass fan that looks like R2D2 from star wars that keeps only one area of our house cool. We do have a pool though and I joke around with my friends that, that is our "air conditioning". Let's just say I spend a lot of time outside in my pool rather then in my house.


  1. Nice job on the 5k! LOL I love that you named your water bottle.

  2. Hahaha, thank you vinny! I though it was pretty clever myself ;)

  3. Ugh, I do not like hot weather. Hmmm, I forgot to ask the gym if it's air conditioned? Remind me to call them later!

    Kick ass on the 5k walk. And when you said TOM I thought you meant Time of the Month. Then you said "I carry around my best friend TOM" I was like HUH?


    Very funny Miss Molly.

  4. Hahaha, I'm glad that made you laugh tara!