Saturday, May 15, 2010


Well, the day finally came. It took longer than expected but it came. I reached 200 pounds this morning! I can't remember the last time I weighed this much. Probably somewhere along freshman year in high school- that seems like forever ago. I have lost a total of 30 pounds right now, that's pretty awesome. I have noticed that my pants are getting loose and that my t-shirts seem huge on me. Guess that means I need to go shopping ;) I also have noticed that my face has the double chin and that my love handles are slowly but surely going away.Any ways, to getting to 200 there were a lot of struggles and there were times when I gained weight and wanted to give up. But its all mind games when it comes to losing weight. You just gotta be like the little toy train and keep on chugging. Hard work and dedication pays off, it takes some time but in the end it all worth it. Especially when your friends see you and tell you how great you look-that's the motivation that keeps me going. I can't wait for the scale to read in the 100's... so excited with what this journey has done to me. You can do it too!

This is what 200 pounds looks like :)


  1. i know i already said this... but CONGRATS!

    you're right about it not being easy, but the results make it so worth it. you worked hard and it paid off! can't wait to see your next post... in the 100s :) keep goin girl, you rock.

  2. Thanks Mallory! I love doing this blog thanks to ppl like you :)

  3. Awesome!!!! Congratulations on losing 30 pounds and hitting 200! You are doing great! :)
    Also wanted to say - you have such a pretty smile!! :)

  4. Laurie! Thank you so much, I never thought losing 30 pounds would be such a lifestyle change but it is. Thank you for thinking I have a pretty smile :D

  5. FANTASTIC!!!!!!!

    30 pounds is nothing to shake a stick at! Or if you are going to shake a stick at it make sure to beat the hell out of it so it will make room for 199!