Thursday, December 8, 2011

I'm on a Roll.

For the past 2 months I have not blogged. For the past 2 months I have been trying to figure out why I haven't been losing weight consistently. I joined Weight Watcher and thought the pounds would melt off. I was wrong. I tried eating every 3 hours to keep my metabolism going. I worked out for almost 2 hours some days thinking that by burning more calories, the weight would fall off. I was wrong. None of those things worked for me. I became so frustrated and upset at myself. Why wasn't I losing weight? There was a point where I thought maybe this was my body telling me it doesn't want to lose anymore weight. But I knew that wasn't possible. It had to be something that I was doing, that wasn't clicking.

I went to Australia the second week of November. While I was there I didn't work out, ate pretty decent and walked a lot. I also laid down a lot because of the time zone changes and because I was laying on a beach catching some rays.. but I digress. The week I came back from Australia was a recovery week from me, just trying to get back on the right sleeping pattern and back to reality. I didn't work out at all that week either and something clicked in my head. Since I wasn't working out, I didn't need to eat that much and ate healthy foods. Throughout that week, I ate when I felt hungry and drank a lot of water. The next week I decided to get my bum ass back to the gym, not because I needed to but wanted to.

I decided to step on the scale and see the damage that had been done from vacation and a week of not working out. The result was 3 pounds lost since the last time I stepped on the scale. I was shocked. So here is why I told you the above previous stuff. For the past 3-4 weeks I have been on a roll. I have been going to the gym and working out 5-6 times a week. I only go for a maximum of an hour. No more 2 hr killing myself shit. The thing that I have been doing is eating right. I eat healthy option food and only eat when I'm hungry. I have noticed that I have become a lot sooner than usual and that I just stop eating and go off to do other things. I have been drinking so much water, I should probably be living in water. But I don't deprive myself of anything. I had some cookies the other night. On thanksgiving I had two pieces of pie. If I deprive myself of something I want, I will binge. I also eat lots and lots of vegetables too.

I have lost 11 pounds so far. I am on a roll. The best thing though that I heard is from one of the ladies that works at the local YMCA where I work out. She's seen me every day that I go and workout there. Today she said to me, "Wow, you're really serious about this working out stuff aren't you?'', and I replied "Oh yeah!" and then she preceded to call me a "rock star". And to be honest you guys, I feel like a rock star. I finally found a routine that I can stick to and lose the pounds. Find what routine works for you and stick to it. If it doesn't work then try something else until you can figure out what the piece to your weight loss is.


  1. Good for you, Ms Molly! You ARE a rock star in my book, too.

  2. GO MOLLY GO! You can do this... and so can i!