Thursday, December 29, 2011

I knew it was coming.

Weigh-In day always makes me a little nervous. I know it's a stupid scale but it is a way to help you see the progress from the week of hard work you put out.

It started out on Christmas Eve. My local gym that I go to workout out at was only open on Christmas Eve til 1 pm and then it was closed on Christmas Day. No problem, I get in a good work out Christmas Eve and then my rest day will be Christmas Day. So I head to the gym to find that all the ellipticals are taken, all the treadmills are taken. Grrrr. So being a little mad I decided to just hop on the arc trainer for 30 minutes.

As I'm on the arc trainer I forgot that my ear phones had gotten messed up from the day before and that the music I was trying to listen to wasn't coming through my ear phones clearly. It sounded like I was under water trying to listen to the song. Not. Cool. Music is a big part of my workout, if I don't have it I get bored and I can't even imagine working out with no music. So I suck it up and keep on the arc trainer, while I listen or at least try to listen to what ever nonsense was coming out of my head phones.

Then a woman comes and sit down in one of the bikes in front of me. That was not a big deal, the big deal is that she smelled like she had literally shit her pants and rolled around in it and then worked out. It was THE worst smell possible. I sucked it up and made it off of the arc trainer with out dying of oxygen deprivation and spotted an open elliptical.

I made a bee line towards it and got on it. I was going to do 30 minutes on the elliptical. I started and was about 10 minutes in when my music just was being a little bish and decided it didn't want to work at all. I kept going and by 15 minutes I was over it and decided I could only go 20 minutes and then peace out.

This was legitimately one of the worst workouts I've had. But it was still a workout.

Then over Christmas Eve and Christmas Day I grazed a lot with the food. There was a lot of good food, we did have healthy stuff like tons of veggies but I knew I had done some damage.

The result of my Weigh-In showed. I gained 2.6 pounds. Not surprised but there's nothing I can do now but keep on going.

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