Sunday, December 11, 2011

190 by Christmas.

Its sunday and I just wanted to get a post in before I go tan, workout and study for finals. This week is my last week and then bring on Christmas break! Hell yeah! Since New Years will be fastly approaching, I have been thinking about what goals I want to try and accomplish this coming new year. My first goal though, is to be 190 pounds or lower by Christmas. I really feel like I will be able to accomplish it. I have been going to the gym 5 times a week and eating very well.

I also want to start taking pictures of stuff I eat just like Nathan does. I really enjoy those posts because they let me take a look at what other different foods he is eating and still losing weight. Plus I also enjoy his sarcastic humor that he puts in those blog posts. Secondly, I want to start taking pictures of myself at each weight-in like Tyler does over at 344pounds. I did that earlier in my weight loss journey but just stopped doing it for some reason. Lastly, I am going to start keeping tack of my weight loss on my blog, as do most bloggers except for me. So, there you have it. Some short term goals that I will hopefully accomplish and get to doing.

Have a great sunday and GO PACKERS!


  1. First of all, thanks for the blog love.
    Second, those are awesome goals yo! You'll totally reach 190 like a boss! The great thing about finals week is you have more time than you usually do to go work out. I have a similar goal but by my birthday in January, but I'm going to make this week my springboard week to set my break on the right track. Keep up the awesome work yo!

  2. Thank you to the both of you :)

  3. You're a total bad azz. You can do it.