Friday, March 26, 2010

R & R

What's up everyone!

Back to blogging for me. Yesterday was my off day from working out and let me tell you, I didn't do a damn thang ;) You have to give your body time to relax and regenerate from the stress you put on it. Yesterday, I did something that haven't done in a couple months. I took a nap. I woke up feeling so regenerated and ready to pursue the day. Of course I also watched college basketball (March Madness). I thought my bracket was toast, but I'm still hanging in there with Kentucky winning it all. Enjoy your day off, you deserve it. Go out and do something fun and enjoyable. What do you do on your day off?

I came across this article last night. It opened my eyes to how bad our schools and parents have been educating their children on good, healthy foods. Some of these kids didn't know what a pear or green pepper was! I think a reason why children are so overweight today is because we feed them food that has no nutritional value, but is cheap and easy to make. Looking back on my hot lunch days, I ate greasy pizza, french fries, nachos, BBQ rib on a bun and desserts. All of that is crappy food. Now not all schools are to blame too. Many parents now a days are giving their children lunchables- have you seen the crap that is in those too! You think they may be a healthier lunch choice, but really there just as bad for the children as the hot lunch. Our schools and parents need to change how they are feeding their children or we will forever be the most obese country. British chef helps Milwaukee Schools fight childhood Obesity

I can definitely say that my pallet has changed since I was young, but now being healthy I enjoy better foods. I love peppers- green, orange, red, whatever. Fresh produce is so healthy and good for you. I eat more fruits too, my mom gets these huge strawberries from a fresh market- I can sit and eat the whole container. It's hard to start eating healthy. It took me awhile to get used to eating better choices, but after a while you start to actually enjoy food for what it really tastes like. I LOVE water. If your used to drinking sugary drinks, it may take you awhile to get used to water but its so good for your body when you working out. Begining to eat better is just as hard as working out. It's like a math equation, you have to put the two together or else you won't get the results right. It will be hard, I know from experience, but in the long run your helping you and your body live a longer and healthier life.


  1. i think the thing that made me most proud about this post is your reference to math.. anyone who knows my lil sis will understand this too. :) love you xoxo i love reading these n keeping up with your progress

  2. Have you seen Jamie Oliver's show? I watched the preview last Sunday and it was definitely eye opening. I've always known that school lunches weren't the healthiest, but, I didn't realize that they lunch ladies actually believed that eating pizza for breakfast and chicken nuggets everyday was perfectly fine. Right then and there I decided that my (future) children would never eat lunch at school if that was the food they would be served.