Saturday, March 27, 2010

Give back.

Today I did some community service. No I didn't get into trouble and had to do it. I did it because I wanted to give back to the community, something which I rarely do and probably most of us don't either. I helped out at the Waukesha Optimist Swim meet. I participated in this when I was in elementary school.I loved this event because it's a fun competitive atmosphere. Kids learn team work, like cheering on others, giving high-fives and working together to make the team become closer. They learn how to participate, have good sportsmanship, and figure out what helps them get "pumped" before their race. My mom used to coach our team. We were a small school but man we were close. Everyone cheered on each other and it was just a fun time. My mom had this way of getting kids to come out and try swimming even if they didn't want to. Funny thing is, a lot of the kids that came out to try swimming, actually ended up pursuing swimming as they got older. It's amazing how someone can influence you like that.

So, I had to wake up at 8:30 this saturday morning. That's early for a college kid. I got to the meet and it was crazy as usual. Kids running around, cheering on their teammates. Parents screaming at their son or daughter to swim faster. The thing that really got me was how throughout the day, no matter what the outcome of the race was, everyone was happy and smiling. Something that still sticks out to me was when a kid was doing the 25 yard freestyle. Everyone had finished their race and got out of the pool already but he was still swimming. Everyone in the natatorium started cheering this boy on. That kid could have gave up but he kept swimming and finished his race. That's probably one of the best things kids can learn, never give up. You always finish what you start. One saturday out of the year, makes such a difference for so many kids and their families.

What I really enjoyed was no matter what the talent level of the kids, everyone gave their all. That's the great thing about this meet. You can be on an Express swim team or you could just swim because you like to. For many of these kids, this may be the only physical activity they do or have done. But it gives them something to enjoy and have fun with. As they get older, they can look back on this and remember how much fun they had and swimming may be an activity that they will enjoy doing for the rest of their lives. Like I said before, find something you enjoy and keep doing it. I love basketball, and I will never give up playing it or watching it. For some of these kids, they love swimming and they will always have it. Find out what you love and that will make your life better and more memorable.

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