Monday, February 27, 2012

FMM: What Makes You Beautiful

Leave out all of the negative stuff, and concentrate on the beauty that’s within you – seen and unseen.

  • My smile.
  • I try to see everything as "the glass half full".
  • My amazing sense of humor.
  • When I laugh, everyone else laughs.
  • I have my own, unique style of clothing.
  • I am very loving.
  • I always want to make someone else feel better.
  • If you ever need to talk, I am a good listener.
  • I am willing to try new things.
  • My love for beer and wine.
  • My love for sports, especially March Madness.
  • I give great hugs.
Check out this song. It will be a great way to start your week. What Makes You Beautiful


  1. Love the sense of clothing! You give great hugs, that is FANTASTIC! love reading these again. Stopping by from FMM!!!

  2. You're a fabulous, beautiful person, you Fluffy Gal!

  3. Dropping bye from FMM-I love your attitude, you seem so upbeat, and that's a terrific quality! I absolutely LOVE the song, its perfect so thank you for sharing it! Have a great day :)

  4. Hi from FMM!
    I love your list because it shows your confidence, which is another beautiful thing about you.

  5. All of you lovies are beautiful inside and out! Thanks for stopping by :)