Monday, February 20, 2012

FMM: Travel

  1. Where did your most recent trip take you?  Australia
  2. Is there a place that you’d like to visit that you haven’t yet?  If so, where?  I want to go to Hawaii/NYC/Bora Bora
  3. Do you travel lightly, or do you cram as much into your luggage as possible?  I try not to take too much because I know i'll buy stuff and need to cram it in my suitcase.
  4. Do your eating and exercise habits change when you travel? If so, how?  I've been pretty good about getting exercise and eating decent. But I like to let go a little bit because I am on vacation.
  5. Tell us about a place you’ve been that you’d like to go back to. I would love to go back to Australia but I would want to go to Sydney this time.
  6. Do you prefer to travel at a certain time of year?  Any time of the year. 
  7. If you had to choose, would you go to the beach or the mountains? BEACH BEACH BEACH! Laying and basking in the sun and sipping on a beer.
  8. Have you ever needed a passport to travel?  Yeah. I went on a cruise in 2008 and needed it and when I went to Australia.
  9. Do you collect anything in your travels?  Shot Glasses.
  10. Where do you plan to go next?  I really want to go to Boston because that's where my best friend goes to college. 

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