Wednesday, April 7, 2010

busy busy busy

Sorry for not posting anything lately but man I've been busy. How was everyone's Easter? Mine was very relaxing. It was very nice weather here in Wisconsin, it was in the 60's. As I we went down closer to the lake- it got a tad bit colder. My brother Cal and his fiance Jenn came down from Madison for brunch. They brought their new puppy Lucy. Her and my cat, Ginger were playing around in the yard. It was so funny to watch a puppy and a grown cat play. I went down to my uncle's house in Milwaukee. He took me my parents, brothers and two of my brothers fiance to brunch at a yacht club. It was a buffet and it was very good. I got an omelet with onions, ham, tomatoes and some cheese- it was so good. I didn't over eat like I usually do at buffet style meals. I for once had self control. It was a stepping stone for me I think. I felt full, so I stopped eating- I usually eat through the painful stomach ache but this time it was different.

The past couple of days I've been working at my local YMCA. I work there in the summer doing summer rec but I really need to make some money-so I've been working staycation. Basically, babysitting a lot of kids. The kids I would have to say are more well behaved in staycation than summer rec but you still get those one or two kids that just don't listen. The hardest thing about working early is that I've been having to workout earlier in the day than I have before. I know when I get off of work I won't want to workout-so I workout before work. I actually liked working out earlier because I felt more energized. I've also noticed that when I drink a cup of coffee before a workout- I really have a lot more energy and I feel like I get a better workout in. I would recommend it for people who workout later at night and are just not feeling like going to exercise. That's one of the hardest things for me in the summer, when I start working 40 hours a week- I am so tired that I don't want to work out, I just want to sleep. But you really have to push yourself to get a workout in.

I like being busy because then I'm not just sitting around being bored. When I keep myself busy, it's easier not to think about munching on food. Usually when I'm bored I eat and that was a big way that I put on weight. I've learned that chewing on gum or eating a mint can trick your mind into thinking that your eating something and that hunger goes away. I chew on gum all the time now and after I get done eating I pop in a mint to stop the cravings of food. Little things like that really help me along in my journey of losing weight and I hope they can help you too.

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