Friday, March 15, 2013

Weigh-In and Chi-Town

Hey guys! Sorry I didn't post on Thursday, I was in Chicago all day. More to come on that soon. But yes, I did weigh-in and I lost .8 lbs. I wasn't expecting that huge of a loss this second week but still proud of losing something.

But yes, Thursday I played hooky from school and went to Chicago with my best friend, Andi. ( Don't tell my teacher) She is on spring break and since I have only one class on thursday, I started my break early. I have never been to Chicago to walk around and sight see. Andi on the other hand has been there numerous times and was my personal tour guide of Chicago for the day.

The drive down to Chicago took about 2 hours from where we live and actually traffic was not as bad as we thought. We got there a little bit before noon and started the day walking through Millennium Park.

The stage

Millennium Park and The Great Lawn

The weather in the Windy City was windy and a bit chilly most of the day but the sun peeked its head out a couple of times to say hi. We then headed over to The Bean, which is a really cool, simple piece of artwork.

The Bean

Another angle
The Bean is basically a Hipster trap. I took a lot of pics and if you follow me on instagram, you probably saw me go crazy with it. Yeah, I'm that person. I apologize.

Typical tourists...

Inside The Bean

What it looks like when you look up

So after we took a million different pics, we walked to the Shedd Aquarium. That was a good 2 mile walk.

Shedd Aquarium
Their feature exhibit at the aquarium was Jellies. We walked around and saw tons of cool animals. I haven't been this engaged in learning since elementary school. 

There are 2 frogs in here. If you can find both, you're awesome at I Spy.

My fav fish

Andi named this Ke$ha fish


More jellyfish

My fav jelly

Btw, did I mention I saw Sgt. Nicholas Brody at the Shedd Aquarium!? (If you know who I am talking about, major brownie points)
Yes, I creeped on this man

After all that learning, we were hungry. He hit up a cab and went to Corner Bakery Cafe. This was Andi's second fav place to eat.

Hipster angle

My lunch
After lunch we were ready to shop til we drop. We hit up Forever 21 and went CRAY. Andi got a ton of cute new clothes. I also got some super cute stuff as well. I even got a dress! That is not like me to get a dress. I hate dresses. I'll give ya a taste of it..


So, there you have it. I am becoming more and more of a girly girl, thanks to Andi. And she loves every minute of it.

After shopping and spending all of the money we are suppose to be saving, we headed to some other places. We walked probably another 2-3 miles. I was enjoying the architecture and the many different kinds of people that make up this world. (aka people watching)

Overall, Thursday was a great day. I got to spend quality time with my best friend and I got to take an adventure to Chicago and see some really cool things.

Do you like to travel? If so, where is your favorite place to go or where do you want to go?

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  1. I've been to Chicago plenty of times, but mainly on the southside visiting family. I've haven't walked around downtown much, but when I have it's amazing. I love to people and walk around, looking at the buildings and whatnot. It's cold and windy but so alive.

    I love to travel but I haven't travelled much. I'm not sure where I'd want to go. Visiting Germany and Turkey would be cool.

    Loved the pictures especially the jellyfish and aquarium pics.

    Christina ;@)