Thursday, June 7, 2012

Wednesday Was a Win.

Yesterday I weighed-in and lost 3.2 pounds. I currently weight 182.8 pounds. I also am 1 freaking pound away from the 50 pounds loss mark! Hollllllllaaaaaaaaaaaa! I definitively needed that loss because the prior weeks I gained weight. It was not good. I was trying to figure out if it was water weigh or possibly muscle. I think I just have been eating more than I need and not realizing it. So during this past week I really took into account of what and how much I was eating.

In other news I got a job at the local movie theater! Bye bye unemployment, it was nice knowing you. My best friend works there and pretty much I got the hook up because the managers love her. I am ready to make some money again. Plus free movies!

So basically my Wednesday is my off day from the gym. I weighed-in. Did a happy dance that I lost 3 pounds and then went a long with my day. I didn't want to sit inside my house all day and it was sunny outside and in the 70s so I went onto my pool deck and laid out until about 3 pm. I did a mixture of just laying out and listening to music and also read a couple chapters of "Working Out Sucks". I got a great tan too, as always.

After, I started getting ready for my meeting with the manager at the movie theater. I met with him and we basically talked about things other than the movie theater. He actually goes to the same tech college as I do. So that was a plus!

When I was done meeting with him and getting hired ( W00T!!!!) I met up with my two best friends, Heebs and Andi (She got me the hook up with the movie theater) to get our fro-yo on. Wisconsin is new to the whole fro-yo concept because we have custard here and I believe people that never have it before think its the best thing ever. The place we get the Fro-yo from is called Orange Leaf. Its definitely the cool place to hang out if you're in high school.. But it is always packed with business, which is a good thing.

Here is the masterpiece I made. It is peanut butter and chocolate fro-yo with gummie bears and half of a cosmic brownie. It was divine. The peanut butter fro-yo is my favorite so far. I would totally suggest that you try it if you haven't. All in all Wednesday was a win for Fluffy Girl.


  1. Mission Meltdown (Dre)June 7, 2012 at 9:12 AM

    All kinds of goodness is this post! Congrats!

  2. Awesome sauce about the job! Froyo is frotastic! lol

  3. Fro-yo is ahhhhhhhhhmazing.

  4. Yay! Well done. A 3lb loss is great and 1lb away from 50lbs lost that's amazing! You should be really proud of yourself. Well done.

    Oooh that froyo looks soo good. I don't think we have anything like that in the UK :(

  5. Congratulations on the amazing loss! Also a big congrats to being employed. How cool to work in a movie theater. I don't go to the movies very often which I totally miss. As I lose more weight, hopefully I will be more comfortable and start attending more. Have fun!