Sunday, June 3, 2012

Don Draper in a Weight Loss Blog?

So I know I haven't posted in awhile. I'm sorry.

I wish I had a legit reason to tell you why, but I am becoming a bum. I have gotten into Mad Men and Netflix has been like crack to me for the past week watching the first 2 seasons. I am on season 3 now and I heard that is the best one yet. Plus, you should all be thankful I have not picked up smoking and day drinking Jack Daniels. (You'll get that if you watch the show, if you don't I am sorry) Btw, I love Don Draper and men in suits and skinny ties. And especially when he told Kim Kardashian that she was a "f*cking idiot". Thank you sir, for saying what everyone else is thinking.

I'd be his secretary  ; )

Ok, ok lets get back on track. I have been on the job hunt for awhile and hopefully my unemployed ass gets a call back from this place I applied to soon. I got bills to pay and shoes to buy. I would like to say though, that I ended my semester with a 3.86 GPA. I am pretty proud of myself for that accomplishment. Yes i iz smrt.

So I have gained weight the past two weeks. Don't know why. I feel as though my workouts are really good and my eating is decent. I don't calorie count anymore because I literally went crazy doing that. I'm trying to drink water a lot more. I think my portion sizes are a little out of whack. Plus I am trying not to eat out a lot since it is now summer. I am working at all of those continuously.

The funny thing about this, is yes I am pissed I have gained weight but over Memorial Day weekend I put on my swimsuit for the first time since I went to Australia last November. The results: The top and bottoms of my swim suit were big on me AND I looked damn good in a 2 piece. I know I don't have a picture for you. But one will come soon.

Also, I have noticed that my arms are getting more defined from lifting. I can see biceps and triceps!

I don't want to become too comfortable where I am though, weight wise. Because I am not. I want more. I want to hit my goal weight by the end of summer. I want to see more muscle definition.

The journey has been hard for me. I could have given up a long time ago but I didn't. I refuse to quit. I refuse to  be defined by a number on a scale. I refuse to be 231 pounds ever again.


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  2. All the best. Keep drinking a lot of water, fruits and vegetables and also consume lemonade daily. It il help you lose weight easily.