Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Poem For You.

Once upon a time I was fat,
Everyone would look at me and laugh.
I tried to hide behind the smile,
Even though I felt like a shit pile.
Going shopping was never any fun,
Trying on clothes made me look like I weighed a ton.
Walking up stairs to my breath away,
Instead of going places, in my house I would stay.
Never did I enjoy working out,
But I had time to lay on my couch and pout.
Doctors told me I needed to lose weight,
Otherwise an early death would be my fate.
Looking at a picture of my bloated face,
Made me realize I needed a change of pace.
I stepped on the scale weighing 231 pounds,
The stretch marks on my stomach made me frown.
I told myself I would make a change,
Living this way was no longer in my range.
The first step is always the hardest part,
Not changing would give me disease of the heart.
I started making healthy life choices,
Although in my head I heard different voices.
Telling me I can't do it and I'll fail,
Then go back to looking like a whale.
I've doubted myself many times,
Especially while looking at skinny girl shrines.
My vision has changed over the years,
I have conquered a lot of my fears.
My life has transformed for the better,
As I sit here writing you this letter.
I eat healthy foods that are good for me,
Even though asparagus gives me smelly pee.
I love working out at the gym,
It has helped my body become more slim.
Lifting is no longer for the guys,
Back squats are giving me killer thighs.
I drink water like I'm a fish,
If I don't drink enough I'll give myself a tisk.
I couldn't do this journey all alone,
I needed others to tell me I wasn't made of stone.
Blogging my journey was the perfect plan,
Shawn Tyler Weeks is the man.
If it wasn't for him I wouldn't have met you all,
You people pick me up when I fall.
Thank you for being their in my triumphs and struggles,
When life throws curves, you learn how to juggle.
Losing weight truly sucks,
But think about all the diseases it cuts.
Tony and Chuck can agree with me,
Saving your life is a simple gym membership fee.

45 pounds down and still some more to lose,
When I hit my goal weight, I'll celebrate with some booze.

I've learned a lot so far in this journey,
Just like people watching this march madness tourney.
Losing weight was the best choice I made,
Never will I go back to what I once weighed.

Thank you all for your love and support!

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