Sunday, July 31, 2011

Will Run for Beer, My 5 miler Recap.

I got up at the ass crack of dawn this morning to get ready for my 5 mile race in Cudahy, WI. I ate my usual pre- race breakfast of oatmeal with a spoonfull of peanut butter and drank some coffee so I could clear out my system, if you know what I mean. My sister and I were running the  race but my dad came a long to support us. We got to the park at about 7:10 am and had 50 minutes to spare. We got our race bibs, looked over the course and walked around a little bit.

As it got closer to race time more and more people were showing up and it was getting more hot and humid. My sister and I lined up to get a good spot to start. The announcer started the countdown and BOOM we were off. I wanted to find a good pace for the first mile and work off of that. I knew I wasn't going to be able to keep up with my sister so I just told her to go. For the first 1.8 miles I ran a long side an older man that looked like he was in his 60s or 70s. We both had a good pace going.

The first water stop was at 1.8 and the weather was really getting to me already. I only took water and walked up the hill that lead into the park which is where we were going to be running. As the hill started to decline that's when I started running again. Running through the wooded trails of the park was nice because it was a lot cooler from the shade of the trees. It was also nice to look at the scenery as I ran.

During miles 2-3 I really struggled for some reason. I think I was running at a faster pace than I usually do. There were a couple places during these miles where it was a bit hilly but nothing to crazy. I kept up with this lady through those miles but at mile 3.8 which was the water station I lost her and had to find someone else to stalk. This time i took water and gatorade. I new I needed something more than water to keep me going til the end.

I chugged them both down and started running behind another lady. I saw the mile 4 marker and thought, your in the home stretch, keep this pace and you'll be good. At about mile 4.5 My legs felt like there were sandbags attached to them. I really wanted to walk but I didn't want to stop. Then there was this little baby hill I had to go up, so i decided I would walk up that. I got over the hill and kept walking a bit when an older lady started running next to me and said, "Let's go". I know that might not seem like a big deal but let me tell you, when you feel like you cant go anymore and you just wanna walk, its so awesome to see a fellow runner cheer you on. I started jogging with her for a bit and then as we turned the corner, she had to stop and walk. I kept running becuase I new I was so close to being done.

I turned into the park and saw the straight away to the finish. There was a man in front of me but he was running the 10 mile race so he veered off while I ran through the finish. When I looked up and saw the time that I was about to finish in, it surprised me because I thought that I was way over an hour. I saw 56:58 on the timer and I couldn't believe I ran it in that amount of time.

finishing my 5 miles

After the race they had banana's, water, cookies, cake and my favorite... BEER!
Miller Lite keg <3

Will run for beer. New motto.

My sister, Megan and I Post race.
Over all, the race was a great way to start the day off. 5 miles was tougher than I thought but I would totally do it again in a heartbeat. I wish the had more 5 mile races instead of 10k's. I also think that Beer should be served after every race :p

Happy Sunday everyone! Get out and enjoy the day.

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