Thursday, September 23, 2010

When I'm doubtful, I look back at how far I've come.

So I was facebook creeping and I came across this picture of me at my sister's 21st birthday.

My jaw dropped when I saw this picture. I cannot believe how I let myself get to this point. I said outloud, "I look bloated".

Looking now at the pictures from my brother's wedding this past weekend, I look and feel like a whole different person.

This was when I was getting my make-up put on.

Waiting to get my hurr did.

Me and my sis before the ceremony


My lil bro, who clearly is not "little", my sis, me and my dad- Big mike

I have doubted myself lately. I doubt myself and think that I am not going to lose anymore weight and get down to my goal weight of 170. I doubt myself that my eating habits will not stay healthy, I doubt myself on a lot of things... but looking at pictures, which truly do say a thousand words, I believe I can do anything. I have come a long way since last December. I chose to live a completely different lifestyle, which has changed me and my life. I don't doubt that I made one of the best decisions in my life and I know I will continue to live this way for the rest of my life. You may struggle, a lot, and think that what your doing may not be helping or changing you. I did. But don't doubt yourself, because everyday you chose to make healthy decisions, is a day that you are changing your life for the better.


  1. Go Molly! You look fabulous! That is a cute dress that you might actually wear again, lol!

  2. haha, I know that's what I thought. Def going to wear it again :)

  3. You SO got this. I believe in you, too! Congratulations on your awesome progress & accomplishments!

  4. Molly you look amazing! I often doubt myself. Somedays I feel like I'll never get to where I want to be and somedays I feel like nothing can stop me. Looking at my old pics helps me ALOT. I know I never want to go back to where I was.

    I often think of this quote from the movie Hitch "you never know where your going until you know where you been". Its always reminds me that the past is the past but its still something I rememeber from time to time help me see where I want to be.

    Keep doing awesome things!

    Alan :-)

  5. You look great. And what a great thing to be able to look how far you've come. :)

  6. you're beautiful and look freakin' fantastic.

  7. How beautiful do you look?? I am so impressed by your make up and how great you look in that dress. If you ever need a pick me up, look at these pictures and remember how far you've come. (and, great dress picking by the bride).