Friday, October 8, 2010

Trainer Joey.

Today I got to workout with a trainer, named joey at Fitness Together. My dad knows the owner and she needed people to work with this trainer before he was "legit". I was supposed to go yesterday to do a full body workout but, do to technical difficulties and getting lost/not finding the place, I didn't get to workout with him yesterday. But today, I did find the place, woot!n

I got into the gym and there were three trainers working with clients. Joey came up to me and introduced himself. He said he wasn't going to be done with his client until 12:45 so at 12:30 I was to warm up. I jumped on the treadmill and did some face paced walking for about 15 minutes. Then I cranked it up and ran for about 10 more minutes. I had a good sweat going.

He asked me what I wanted to do today and I said kickboxing. I have done it before but not really as a work out. He got me some boxing gloves and we started working out. Most of the workout was high intensity, a lot of reps and him telling me to "hit it harder!". Every time he said that I wanted to laugh and say, "that's what she said". But I kept it in my brain. He was a very talkative trainer, which was good because I didn't want some gorilla juice head type of trainer that says two words every 10 minutes. He actually went to the same college as I did so that was a topic of interest for him to talk about. He was also an avid Michael Jackson lover. Joey also liked to serenade me during the workout...unfortunately he isn't my type. I was hoping for a gorilla juice head ;)

At the end of the workout I was dripping sweat and I smelt horrible. It was a good feeling though, because I haven't had that kind of intensity in awhile. We stretched at the end and he gave me an apple for the ride home. I ate the shit outta that apple, nom nom nom! I think I'm going to try and get another session with him for a full body workout. As for tomorrow, I'm going to do some running. I got a 5k on Sunday. My third one-I never though I would be signing up for 5k's every month. Crazy what happens when you lose a couple pounds.

What are you doing this weekend?


  1. Oh Miss Molly, I love the way you write. It gave me a much needed laugh and I could totally see you saying "That's what she said"...

    My plans? A six mile run tomorrow, dinner over at Godfather's house tomorrow evening. A haircut and trying out a new church on Sunday. Not a bad weekend at all if you ask me.

  2. Tara, I'm glad you get my writing :) 6 miler tomorrow huh, that's kickass.

  3. Ugh, I just realized my blogger profile picture is so old I look bloated! This one is much better.

  4. Great job Molly! It is so great to see the progress you have made over the past few months, you are a big inspiration. Do you have any plans to keep seeing a trainer after these couple of sessions?

    YOU ROCK!!

  5. Vinny, Thanks for becoming such a great friend! I can't wait to hear about your 5k which is coming up soon!!! Right now I don't think so just because of $$$ but I am going to take advantage of giving him hours with a client.

  6. Awesome workout! Go girl ... cute trainers are fun to workout with :) I would have been soooo nervous. haha.

  7. I love my trainer! They are pretty great! Molly you rock!

    I did a 5k walk this morning with some friends, met with my trainer and now reading blogs and trying to find my Halloween decorations. They are buried under all the Christmas crap, lol!

    Tomorrow I need to do something with this hair and a BBQ with my trainer! Apparently, we spend too much time together :P

  8. Girl...I did my first 5k last Thanksgiving and immediately knew I wanted to make it a monthly thing. haha! That was actually my goal this do 12.

    Love kickboxing...and it IS a great workout.