Tuesday, October 12, 2010

5k numero tres with a noob.

On saturday morning my friend Heebs and I ran the Panther Prowl 5k run down in Milwaukee. It was a beautiful morning, the high was supposed to be 78 but go into the upper 80's as the day progressed. Heebs came over around 8:30 and we were planning our attack on where to go and park. We figured it out and we were on the road by 9:15. The sun was shining, it was warm and the sky was blue. We found a parking structure on the UWM campus and parked in there FO FREE! We stalked followed a group of people who looked like they were runners to the start/finish line. We both had to really pee so we went into the library and made a pit stop.

We came back outside and stood around talking and people watching for about 20 mintues. The funny thing about me and my girl Heebs is that when we see something/someone- we look at each other and think the same thing. There were some real winners at this race. But I digress..

The announcer told us to line up near where we thought we should be in line. I thought I should be in front where the 5 minute milers are...lol it's a joke people. We headed back to where the 10 minute milers were, and there was a shit ton of people there. We did a little warm up stretching and then at 10am the countdown began. We were off! for most of the first mile we ran on the concrete road. It was pretty flat but I almost jacked my ankel up in a pot hole- That would have been awesome, not. We headed into a park which was beautiful. There was a lot of shade that kept us cool as we were going into mile number 2.

We were at about 2.5 miles when Heebs was having some trouble so I told her we were going to catch these two girls in front of us. We paced ourselves and I knew that we had a hill coming up before the home stretch. We turned the corner and I flew up the hill passing people left and right. Heebs was behind me and she was going as fast as she could. I kept telling her, "We're going to catch those girls!". We turned another corner and we could see the finish line. We got to about 50 feet from the finish-line and I pushed her to sprint and finish strong and that's exactly what we did.We beat one of the girls, so we were pretty happy about that. Our time was 33:52. Not bad for a first time racer.

After the race we stretched and got some food. Overall, this race was my favorite. I loved running through the park and I got to run with one of my best friends, plus it was a gorgeous day!


Reppin that # 800


Post 5k. We dominated.

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