Sunday, January 12, 2014

Eggplant Pizza. My new OBSESSION.

I am the type of person who can eat something over and over again but then, out of nowhere, I get mad cravings for pizza or a good greasy cheese burger.

So like a lot of other women in the world, I am a freak about Pinterest. I think it a beautiful thing, like really beautiful. I have gotten so many ideas not only food-wise from it but also nail polish ideas and other nifty craft ideas.

While browsing the Health and Fitness boards, I came across this pin from What really attracted me to the recipe was that it was super easy to make and didn't have a lot of ingredients. Plus you could customize your pizzas with what ever you wanted. Also, if you get a good sized eggplant, you can make lots of pizzas out of it. Double Bonus.

I experimented with this recipe on Saturday night when I was craving a pizza. But I didn't want to actually indulge in something that was grease ball city. (Not sure if that is a word or not but we'll just run with it.)

I got my ingredients together, prepped, constructed and anxiously waited for my eggplant pizzas to come out of the oven and this is what I got...

It was magical, just like any Disney movie. 

I want to make it again, but add more protein to it, like chopped grilled chicken bits. We shall see what happens next time. But if you ladies and gents decide to give this a whirl and tweak some of the toppings- let me know so I can try them out as well!

So I'm out to go check in with the Golden Globe Awards. See you beauties soon!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

What's Going On?

Happy Saturday!

I am on day 2 of blogging- WOOHOO! It's hard getting back into a blogging groove because I know what I want to talk about but don't know how to start.

A couple of things have happened since I last blogged, which I think was March now looking back at my writing history.

  • I graduated with a Criminal Justice Degree. 
  • I got to participate in an amazing internship program with a local police department.
  • I got a part time job doing security for some pretty cool venues ( Like working the Paul McCartney Concert at Miller Park aka LEGENDARY )
  • I became an aunt! ( Check out Instagram for cute freaking adorable baby selfies )
  • I have lost more weight.
  • I can do legit push-ups now. ( Bye-bye girl push-ups )
  • I can do more than 2 sit-ups since this summer when I first started practicing.

For all of you who don't know, my career goal is to become a police officer. I knew that I needed to start becoming more fit, not because I need to pass a physical agility test, but to be in better shape in-case I need to protect myself.

I did fall off the working out wagon during the summer because I was just so busy. I know, excuses, excuses. All I think about when I just typed that is this lady...

I experienced working 3rd shift, which is horrible and then from that going straight to my internship at 8 am. It was rough some days and I thought, WHY AM I DOING THIS?! But you know what lady with the perfect body and 3 kids, if I don't get enough sleep, I'll be one angry person..

So, yeah, I picked sleep over working out. My bad...

I will say though, it was totally worth it and would do it all over again.

Currently- I am looking for another job while applying to more police departments. I am in the process with one department right now (SO KEEP YOUR FINGERS CROSSED!) and am waiting to hear back from them about the next step.

I am working out about 5-6 days a week. I am lifting more and doing interval cardio. I have another physical test for another police department coming up in February, so I am also getting ready for that. I took this department's test last summer and I failed out because I couldn't do 29 sit-ups in a minute. Well guess what I have been working on since that day- SIT-UPS. I'm ready to take that test again!

Well, there's what I have been up to since the summer. Hope everyone had a great Christmas/holiday break and I hope that 2014 has some amazing things in store for me and YOU!

BTW, if any of you run into mother nature, tell her to stop dumping snow and freezing cold weather in Wisconsin. K thanks.

Friday, January 3, 2014

New Years Resolution: Back to Blogging

Hello all you beautiful people! IT IS FREEEEEEEEZING HERE IN WISCONSIN :( It is legitimately in the negatives both temperature and windchill. Mother nature, Y U NO LIKE WI?!

I haven't blogged since April of last year. A lot of things have been going on in my life and even though I haven't wrote a post in a looong time, I still read other peoples blogs and look through other blogger's tweets and Instagram pictures. (Also known as stalking) I am excited to tell you ladies and gents some of the awesomeness that has happened both on the scale and off the scale.

So I have missed blogging and the people who have inspired me to keep going at, what seems like, a never ending journey. It's not a bad thing, I've had ups and downs, like all of you. It's part of this process and making us appreciate the whole journey. I just know that I will never give up on hitting my goal weight. Even after that goal, I know I will want to accomplish something new on my fitness journey.

But, anyways- I just wanted to get a post up and out there in the blogosphere. I am very excited to get back to writing. I think I secretly like it. (Shhhhhh) Its good to be back, again. I hope to reconnect with old friends and enjoy being able to meet new bloggers as well!

I think Kristen Wiig says it best in her SNL skit about how I feel about getting back at this..

I'll be back tomorrow! In the mean time you can check out my Twitter/Instagram/Facebook page if you want ;) 

(Shameless Plug)

Twitter/Instagram: MollyMFNitka
Facebook page: Fluffygirl

Monday, April 1, 2013

FMM: Childhood Flashbacks

Childhood Flashbacks
1. Did you have a set bedtime as a child?  If so, what was it? Yes, technically we were supposed to be in bed by 8 or 9. As we got older, that went away.. But in middle school, I would go to bed at 9 for some reason. Don't know why.
2. Were you taught to be a member of the “Clean Plate Club?” Did it have affect your eating habits as an adult?  Yes, definitely a clean plate club member  And, yes it did affect my eating habits. I felt if I didn't eat all the food, I was wasting it.
3. Share one thing that you were not allowed to do as a child. Sleepovers. Yes, my mom would never let me do sleepovers. I don't know why but I still get made fun of for it. But yes, I have graduated on to doing many sleepovers.
4. What is the cheapest gas price you can remember?  Pretty sure somewhere in the $2.00 range. If only we could go back to that, I'd have a full tank of gas always.
5. What was your favorite thing on the playground?  I was never really a fan of playground stuff. Since always being the big kid, I preferred to play kick-ball, foursquare and stuff I didn't have to climb on.
6. Share one thing that your parents always made you do that you didn't like doing.  Going to Sunday school. My mom made us go to a different church where I never new anyone. I hated it. I am so glad I am done with that stuff.
7. Do you remember your first kiss?  If so, share the details!  I didn't have my first kiss til out of high school.
8. Did you prefer to play inside or outside?  Well, depending on the weather - outside. I come from  a big family, I have 4 other siblings. We were the house to come to in our neighborhood to play basketball and night games. It was a blast!
9. What was your favorite TV show growing up?  Too many. Saved by the bell, Hey Arnold  Doug, Global Guts, The Rug-rats, All That, basically anything on Nickelodeon/Nick @ Nite. I miss those shows.
10. Share one awesome childhood memory. The first time my family went on a vacation, we went to Florida to visit my Grandma. It was the first time flying for all of us. It was awesome and where my love for some day living near a beach came from.
Bonus: Share a picture of yourself as a child.  

From L-R my sis Meg, Matt, Me, Cal

I think my 6th birthday. I was all about the chocolate cake.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Monday, March 25, 2013

FMM: Ten Questions

 Ten Questions
1. Describe the kind of home you would live in if money were no object. Very spacious home, I like having room to move around and not be so condensed. Oh and I want to live by the ocean. With a window that looks out onto it to watch the sunset.
Yeah, this will do.

2. Are you more conservative in your actions or more rebellious? I guess it depends on the situation but I really am more conservative. I hate drama. I try to be the bigger person when it comes to stuff.
3. Would you go to Mars even if it meant you could never return to Earth?  Hell to the No.
4. Name one song that makes you want to dance every time you hear it. Bye bye bye- Nsync *Cue hand motions*

5. Share one thing that you wish you could go back and do differently in your life.  I wish I would have taken more pictures at my high school graduation. I have ONE picture.
6. Share at least one accomplishment that people wouldn’t expect you to be proud of.  I used to dress like a tom boy. I really hate dresses and shopping for girly clothes, but recently I have been buying a lot of cute clothes and I feel awesome about how I look for the first time in my life.
7. Describe one delicious thing that you’ve eaten lately.  Trader Joe's Sour Cream and Onion Puff Corn!

8. If you had a theme song that would play every time you entered a room, which song would you choose?  I Wanna Dance With Somebody- Whitney Houston
9. Had technology enhanced your life, or has it over complicated your life?  Enhanced my life. I love it. I love the fact I can communicate with people I would never have come into contact with and I have made so many friends from it. 
10. If you could get paid to do any job, which job would you choose?  Photographer...of male celebrities and models ;)

Now it’s your turn to answer this week’s questions!  Don’t forget to come back and link up in the comments.  Happy Monday, friends!!!!

Friday, March 22, 2013


I weighed in this morning at 189.8. Which is a gain of .8 pounds. I'm not really upset or anything. I knew I was going to gain, considering what my last week entailed. I went to Chicago and I went out for St. Patty's day. So, a gain of .8 really is nothing to me.

I am going to Des Moines, Iowa this weekend to visit my sister and cousin. It's my first time down there, I'll be representing Sconnie Nation of course. Spring break is coming to a close for me and then its back at it, with hopefully a loss on the scale next week.

Have a great weekend everyone!